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Author Topic: Green Energy Token [GET] 750% PoS first Year POS/POW hybrid (update)  (Read 1389 times)


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Welcome to announcement of the Green Energy Token (GET)
The Founders of this token believe in the future of sustainable energy sources like wind, water and sun. GETCís purpose is to support the development of the green energy technology by participating as share holders or investors in new and existing green energy companies. Investing both in development and research projects.
Currently we are looking for new projects all over the globe that have good potential but need a boost or that bright idea that canít get a lift off because of the lack of money to start testing this idea.
Nowadays with the oil prices getting higher and higher and all the environmental problems the extracting, producing and using of oil and itís derived products bring with them.
It should be a no-brainer that the future of energy lies within the range of the green energy business.
Projects and Ideaís supported by GET will get Green Energy Tokens to support them financially.
Trough this support Green Energy Token getís an in contract put % of the gains. Thus Green Energy Token becomes a share holder of the project or idea we support.
This means all Green Token Holders become share holders from every project or idea that will be supported in the future.
There is a pre-mine that consists out of the first **** blocks with a total of **** Green Energy Tokens. This Pre-mine will be used for the support of the first projects or Ideas that will get GET support.
Iff you are a environmentalist freak like us or just like trading a good and save token.

Support the environment, green energy, and the new developments around the use and making of environmental safe energy.

Green Energy Token (GET)


750% PoS for the first Year.

110.000 PoW blocks

25 GET -Block 100.000
100 GET -Block 110.000

PoS Specs:
PoS Start Block = Block 1000
Block Time = 60 seconds
Target Timespan = 15 minutes
Modifier Interval = 15 minutes
Minimum Stake Age = 24 hours
Coinbase Maturity = 110 Blocks

Get some GET!!!

Green Energy Token (GET) Website:

Green Energy Token (GET) Explorer:


Mac- Wallet!X9EzlAjT!S2LbtwIPj6LV5RlPQ2fTNMfTAV7vwELAMBgPxnxVRd0

Github Source Code:







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Re: Green Energy Token [GET] 750% PoS first Year POS/POW hybrid (update)
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2019, 06:06:37 PM »
It looks cool but the problem is there is only half of an eth buy order at 1 weth. To buy is 2 Weth so you need to stake to 100% to break even if that buy order is still there.
The website is terrible and are closing. If the dev can make their own coin but can't make a decent website.


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