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Author Topic: [Celeritas] Smart Contract - Global 3-Matrix with Spillover  (Read 148 times)


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[Celeritas] Smart Contract - Global 3-Matrix with Spillover
« on: December 19, 2020, 08:09:27 PM »
I present to you here the project Celeritas

What is Celeritas?

Celeritas is a smart contract based on TRON, which is built as a global 3-position matrix. This means that each partner can only have 3 positions directly under him and the rest goes as spill-over into a single (!) large matrix.
So even completely passive partners, who don't want to sponsor, get the opportunity to earn good money here.

How can I earn money with Celeritas?

To participate in the revenues of the Smart Contract, a position in the matrix is necessary.
Cost: 500 TRON.
The higher this position is located in the matrix, the faster the places below it fill up.

Several levels can be bought in one position. It starts with the first level for 500 TRON and it can be upgraded at any time. Why should you upgrade? Commissions are paid only on the levels you own. You can start with little risk and the stake of 500 TRON and then see how the matrix fills up under your own position. Then you can upgrade accordingly.

Here is an overview of the levels and the costs for them:

Level 1: 500 TRX
Level 2: 1000 TRX
Level 3: 3000 TRX
Level 4: 5000 TRX
Level 5: 10000 TRX
Level 6: 25000 TRX
Level 7: 50000 TRX
Level 8: 1000000 TRX
Level 9: 200000 TRX
Level 10: 500000 TRX

How are the commissions distributed?

The money coming into the Smart Contract from the sale of levels is distributed according to an easy-to-understand plan:

40% -> Uni-Level plan for active sponsoring - 3 levels
40% -> 3-level matrix - passive participation of all partners - 10 levels
10% -> World Pool
10% -> Admin Fee

I will explain the individual areas below:

40% - Uni-Level Plan (Active Sponsoring)

1st level 50% (from the 40%)
2nd level 30% (from the 40%)
3rd level 20% (from the 40%)

Example: Someone buys a position through your link for 500 TRON, then you immediately receive 100 TRON. If this person then in turn sponsors someone with 500 TRON, this person gets 100 TRON and you get 60 TRON.

40% - Matrix of 3 (Passive participation)

Whether sponsored by yourself or someone else, you will receive 4% commission from the matrix for ALL purchases from ALL positions from the 1st to the 10th level.

Example 1: If up to the 5th level all positions under your position are filled and each has bought only the 1st level, i.e. for 500 TRON, this means for you 3high5 positions x 500 TRON x 4% = 4860 TRON -> So almost a tenfold increase of your stake completely passive.

Example 2: If up to the 10th level all positions are filled and each has bought only the 1st level, i.e. for 500 TRON, this means for you 59049 positions (3high10) x 500 TRON x 4% = 1.180.980 TRON (currently approx. 23619€)

10% - Worldpool

The World Pool consists of 10 slots, which you can earn bit by bit by building up your team.
Each slot receives 1% of the total turnover.
Thus, each slot receives the same amount,
the higher the slot, the less partners have to share it.

Slot 1 is reached by buying level 1 and 5 direct partners
Slot 2 is reached by buying level 2 and 5 direct partners, 3 of which are at least in slot 1.
Slot 3 is reached by buying level 3 and 5 direct partners, 3 of which are at least in slot 1.

Example: I am in slot 2 and therefore I get a share in slot 1 and slot 2. If the turnover is 1,000,000 TRON, 10,000 TRON end up in each slot. If there are 1000 partners in slot 1 I get 10 TRON from it, if there are 100 partners in slot 2 I get 100 TRON from it.

Minimum investment:
500 TRON
for the first level. Further levels (see above) can be bought by commissions or further own investment.

The deposit is returned above the commissions.


Deposits are made via a smart contract-enabled wallet. For example:
Token Poket (
Klever (

The TRON are deposited to this wallet and connected to Celeritas with the reflink.
Fees are only those of the TRON blockchain.

Commissions are posted directly to the wallet.

If you are now interested in participating here, then come to my Telegram group where I can explain everything in more detail.



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Re: [Celeritas] Smart Contract - Global 3-Matrix with Spillover
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2020, 07:04:02 PM »

From tomorrow on the Global Pool Payout starts every day at 12 noon CET (German time)


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