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Author Topic: Giveaway Board Rules & Info - Please read - NO AIRDROPS to NEWBIE!  (Read 8472 times)


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  • First of all, to avoid people registering multiple account
    DON'T DISTRIBUTE AIRDROPS to people without the MEMBER status!

    Easy common sense rules to post a giveaway here:

    1) If you are posting an external giveaway, put [EXTERNAL] in the subject
    2) One giveaway per thread. Don't post a giveaway in a thread opened for another
    3) If you run a giveaway here, pay what you promise to pay, or you get banned : D
    4) When the giveaway is finished, please lock the topic.
    5) Do not re-post giveaways already posted by somebody else! It is unfair.

    Prohibited content:

    No bitcoin doublers. They are not "money making opportunities", they are "money losing opportunities", indeed.

    User, please read this:

    In case you are not getting paid, first double check you comply with the rules of the giveaway, then you can post a complain in the relative thread. Please allow a reasonable time for the owner to send the payout. Often giveaways are paid at once at the end of the run. So be patient.

    For any need, feel free to send me a Private Message. I'm here to assist.
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