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Author Topic: IEO Launched on DOBI Exchange  (Read 246 times)


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IEO Launched on DOBI Exchange
« on: July 15, 2019, 06:44:26 AM »
BIZpaye (CRYPTO) Token
IEO on DOBI Exchange

The BIZpaye CRYPTO Token
IEO Start: July 15 to 28
Listing DOBI: July 29 2019
Token symbol: CRYPTO
Token Pairing: CRYPTO / BTC
Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT
BIZpaye’s unique feature to that of any other Crypto Token in the world is that through our BIZpaye Trade/Barter part of our business, we already operate a points based virtual currency that is legally accepted in a majority of countries worldwide, for which the Trade/Barter Industry has been operating for more than 50 years, well before the Blockchain was even conceptualized.
5 years ago, Global Trade Management (GTM) launched BIZpaye Trade, which quickly expanded its Franchised operations to many countries worldwide. One of the reasons behind this fast growth was the attractiveness of a Merchant Marketplace that operated on a variety of currency platforms, i.e. Barter Trade Credits, Cash, Credit Cards, Reward Points and NOW CRYPTO, making it a truly flexible approach in terms of buying and selling. BIZpaye CRYPTO will be deployed across all countries and marketplaces that BIZpaye operates now and into the future and will become a mainstream currency for transacting within the BIZpaye ecosystem and beyond Globally.
The total amount of tokens: 1,000,000,000
Token in circulation: 65,000,000

Token Official Website:
Corporate Website:
Project Whitepaper:
Token Marketplaces:
Telegram Chat:

• Part of the BIZpaye International Group of Companies Owned By Global Trade Management Hong Kong
• Operational since 2013
• Global Franchised Network operating in 12 countries
• Credit Card style business with merchants that transact on a daily basis using virtual currencies with millions of dollars per month in virtual currency transactions
• Operates along the same lines of a small Bank
• Is part of a virtual currency industry that pre-dates the Blockchain by more than 50 years
• World’s first variable & multi-currency type transactional platform that allows merchants to trade cash, barter virtual currency, reward points and crypto in a single transaction
Only Token in world to have CRYPTO as a ticker symbol
• Shown as CRYPTO/BTC or CRYPTO/ETH on exchanges
• Only Token in world that has parallel currency Barter Trade & Crypto
• Barter Trade currency is accepted worldwide, we can trade in with Barter Trade currency in Countries that not accept Crypto, then gateway to Crypto, no other Token in world can do this.

Our Market Opportunity = Spare Capacity In Business
• Unsold Capacity in Business is estimated $7 Trillion a year
• Spare Capacity examples are — unsold appointments, empty hotel rooms, empty restaurant tables, unsold airline seats, advertising, depreciating stock, end-of-line items & more
• Large household brands such as UBER, FIVER and more grown out of Spare Capacity in local or community sector, but none focused on business sector
• Imagine if we could monetize Spare Capacity in business through a Single Decentralized Crypto Barter Currency such as BIZpaye
• Spare Capacity is a Business & Industry killer
• A Massive opportunity for the Crypto Blockchain Industry
• BIZpaye Crypto will be the first Barter Trade Exchange to enter the Crypto space to monetize this $7 Trillion a year Spare Capacity opportunity in business through a Single Decentralized Crypto Barter currency, making BIZpaye our industry leaders in the Blockchain space.

Everyone in the Blockchain space calls Crypto a currency, but where can you actually spend it?
• BIZpaye solves this problem with real merchant networks & global marketplaces ready to accept Crypto for everyday transactions
The Barter Trade Exchange Industry has been operating for more than 50 years using Virtual Points based currencies for buying and selling of goods and services without cash
• Virtual Currency Barter Trade Exchange industry was the precursor to the Blockchain using Virtual Currencies 50 years
• 400+ Barter Trade Exchanges operate in USA, more worldwide
• 400k businesses in USA buy & sell in a Barter Trade Exchange
• Barter Trade Exchange Industry = $30 Billion a year in cashless transactions
• BIZpaye is the first Barter Trade Exchange in world to enter the Crypto space making us the Crypto leader in our industry
• BIZpaye has already developed a global merchant network & various marketplaces that are ready to accept Crypto as payment
• There’s no waiting for our Crypto project to deliver, we are already built and growing
• As BIZpaye develops into the Blockchain space, we continually add new products and services and collaborations to our network to enhance usability of our Token
• Our Token provides less risk to end users
Our BIZpaye Crypto Utility Token provides true flexibility
• Transact P2P or via our merchant or marketplace network
• Trade on Crypto exchanges as a normal token
• Speculate on the value of the Token as a normal token
• Swap for other tokens, across our own swap platform
• Fiat out (subject to individual exchange conditions) and more
Dobitrade Social Media :
1-Official Website :
2-LinkedIn :
3-Twitter :
4-Facebook :
5-Telegram Channel :
6-Medium :
7-Youtubechannel :
8-Instagram :
Risk Warning: Purchasing digital currency is associated with high risks. Please be cautious when investing. Dobitrade will continue providing great products and services!


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Re: IEO Launched on DOBI Exchange
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2019, 01:21:05 PM »
I'm really excited about this projec


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