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Author Topic: COEXIST coin - COXST - POW/POS- The fight to help the less fortunate  (Read 1517 times)


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The official P2P decentralized digital donation currency

Love and peace



CoExistCoin is a decentralized digital currency that is run off a block chain. CoExistCoin's goal is to be known as THE donation currency;  to help the less fortunate. So many people in the world are in desperate and horrible circumstances. Simple things like clean water make a world of difference to those in need. If your reading this, YOU have clean water and most probably donít think about clean water. We take things for granted in the developed world. We can help those people in desperate need!

Using CoExistCoin, all transactions are traceable via the block chain. All transactions are recorded on the block chain and cannot be altered and tampered with. Anyone and everyone have access to see all transactions on a block explorer. This is great! It gives charity checks and balances for the first time. No more foundations and organizations only giving 10% of each dollar to where it supposed to go - To help the needy. Now the proof is out there for all to see at any time.

Some of the projects CoExistCoin is planning on working toward:

1 - We will have a monthly fund that goes to . They work very hard to provide basic human needs to communities that have been decimated because of lack of access to clean potable water. 1 of 3 of their children were dying, all because of dirty or no water. Read Justin Wrens story on that link. It is a very inspirational tale.

UPDATE -- First donation


2 - CoExistCoin will work on a fund that will sponsor a water well. This will be a separate ongoing fund. Some in the BTC community can sponsor a water well themselves or their group(s). Let's work together and get this done. We can do this!

3 - Our community will help people with PTSD. There are so many people that go and selflessly serve for the benefit of others. People such as Soldiers. Not all soldiers are there to fight. Much of thier work  is humanitarian aid as well. These people come back messed up and get NO help. Police officers. Social workers. They get no help when needed. We will set up an organization to help. We WILL help.

4 - A Youtube channel and other social media outlets to be set up to show the goodwill that our community will do. It will inspire others to do so too.

Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects. --The Dalai Lama

Website - (not up to date)

Source -

Block Explorer/Rich list

Mining pool -  stratum+tcp://


Windows wallet + source

Linux -

Mac wallet -

Where to get Coexistcoin? -

Find us at

Basic specs


Ticker - COXST


Total Coins - 265,000,000   (18Million coins burned)

Coins per Block - 50

Time per Block - 60 seconds

Staking - First 6 months 3% monthly dispersed on a daily average. Year 1.5 - 5 at 5% monthly dispersed on a daily average. 8% monthly after year 5

PoW block reward halves  (525600 blocks) -

Transaction fee .00001

Matures 60 blocks


RPC: 21261
P2P: 21262



Updated Node list.

Proof of burned coins. 18 Million CoExistCoin Burned

Date: 4/2/2016 16:59
To: CJCryptoLifeDotNetBurnAddrXXYQmsK4
Debit: -5000000.00 COEXST
Transaction fee: -0.00059 COEXST
Net amount: -5000000.00059 COEXST
Transaction ID: a0fb311e84c907d6c3f58073f9763d7990d2cbb4dff56d4984f10cc302a0efa3

Date: 4/2/2016 17:05
To: CJCryptoLifeDotNetBurnAddrXXYQmsK4
Transaction fee: -0.00059 COEXST
Net amount: -5000000.00059 COEXST
Transaction ID: edfd96e16a7aa1dbebd8d7fd5d132ec2c6d5d45b06a7350d97676ee7024291c0

Date: 4/2/2016 17:17
To: CJCryptoLifeDotNetBurnAddrXXYQmsK4
Transaction fee: -0.00098 COEXST
Net amount: -5000000.00098 COEXST
Transaction ID: 651802581b875214e5ccf8a52e1819e5760fc8156d3b49ef745af63727b68e70

Date: 4/2/2016 17:50
To: CJCryptoLifeDotNetBurnAddrXXYQmsK4
Transaction fee: -0.00059 COEXST
Net amount: -3000000.00059 COEXST
Transaction ID: 0312b03af3e5cc3c75fe46da6874b5880dfa8e63169ad7e7b61f112828b1d0ca


All Languages in exchange for coexistcoin.  MUST show proof of real translation. No google translate. Thats not nice.

Spanish  ;D -

Italian   ;D -

Russian   ;D -

Indonesian  ;D -

Dutch  ;D -

Romanian  ;D -

PRE -SALE OVER. 2.54 [btc] raised

Thank you for those that supported and laid down the foundation of our community. I am grateful to you all.

What we accomplished

1. Update wallet. Update to include current connections to permanent nodes nodes set up for year

2. Block chain explorer. set up on own vpn.

3. Mac and linux wallets

4. Faucet and mining pool nomp pool being set up on own vpn as well as other mining pools


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Re: COEXIST coin - COXST - POW/POS- The fight to help the less fortunate
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