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Author Topic: [ANN][ARCH] Architectcoin ICO on*Bittrex*Wallet Chat/Exchange Rates bountys!  (Read 4651 times)


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Now live on Bittrex!!


New article up -

Wallet and Source download added-

Windows wallet:!98QCkAaD!PBCSbaMPN8oh903zoNmKjXMVnJEbTzkc-935GBFK3c0

Github Source code:

In wallet IRC chat
Bittrex ARCH market data

"Coin Stabilizer"
We have decided through valued community input to add a stabilization fund to Architectcoin to help act
as a buffer for wild price fluctuations. We are going to assign five percent of the ICO funds to this
stability buffer and use it to protect the coin and investors. As with all funds this is here to help price
and cannot stop a huge increase/decrease in price it can slow it down though. This added benefit can lead to
long term growth and support btc based salaries for community members longer as well.

Constructing the only digital coin you will ever need by placing the direction of it's technology in your hands.
Limitless options, giving the power of decentralization to the people who embraced it first.
Employing the people who use money 2.0 to effect a change in the altcoin world through continued initiative.





WEBSITE: coming soon

Name: Architectcoin
Exchange Symbol: (ARCH)
Total Coins: 5,001,295 (5 Million)
100% Proof of Stake
Staking Interest:  4% yearly
ICO (Initial coin offering): 100% of coins @0.000028
No mining phase to prevent miners selling
Wallets will be released when the ICO ends

"TL;DR - why should I invest in this coin"

The only way to acquire ARCH is through a limited, 96-hour ICO held at Bittrex.
There is no mining at all - so no "dumping" risk to the investors. We are delivering a carefully crafted
and professional wallet and PoS network backed by a team of crypto experts. Our unique approach allows us
to "employ" members of the community using ICO funds - they will get paid for the work that others normally expect them
 to do for free. They will be rewarded accordingly for their hard work towards increasing ARCH value.
With this plan in place, there is only one direction for Architectcoin, up!
With Architectcoin we want everyone to be architects of their own fate.

Some Architectcoin wallet features outside the standard:

1.) We have implemented built-in IRC chatting in the ARCH wallet, it functions extremely fast
and our hope is that everyone will use it as a means to directly connect to the #architectcoin IRC channel. This was always something
we felt was essential to guaranteeing people access who normally would not use irc as a means to communicate.
Please report any bugs (if any) to us via pm or in our thread and we will give them our attention. Hopefully our hired IRC mods will
be very active and able to assist those who are less tech savvy.
Having a built-in chat right in the wallet will make this much easier on investor communication.

2.) Architectcoin also has an embedded market which will be tied to the Bittrex Exchange API that will allow
everyone fast access to current BTC and ARCH prices. You can easy refresh at any time and view market graphs at your desire.
This portion of the wallet will also display buy and sell orders up to a certain point. We hope to improve this further in the future if the community
desires greater functionality.

Windows Wallet:

Mac Wallet:


The Architectcoin developers are here to lay the foundation; where we go from here is entirely up to your choices.
We have put together a team capable of meeting the demands of present and future trends and technological coin advances.
Our primary goal as digital architects is to build a currency of unlimited value by giving investor's the ability to command the direction of the currency.

There are many options available to us now, and will be so much more in cryptocurrency's future.
We are going to hold polls to decide on the next upgrades we add outside of the launch wallet specs.
Unlike most teams, we will add these upgrades as soon as possible without breaking any of our current code.
If however, there are portions that need to be stripped out of the source and “forked” this is an option as well.
This will be an architecturally solid currency.

Our promise to investors is a properly staking wallet and strong PoS network that will reward long term holders by
giving continued value to Architectcoin through a fair interest rate and constant wallet upgrades to meet the demands of the future.
 Having a huge team of ARCH supporters will guarantee this coins' success by creating a near instant community of strong supporters.
Our team realized halfway through the creation of Architectcoin that there is no success without public involvement,
we know working for free is not satisfying in this harsh economic world, therefor people will be rewarded for what they would normally do for free.
Hopefully, this encourages those advocates to work even harder. Let's face it all of us are sick of scams,
let ARCH be the coin everyone contributes to even if it is just because they are getting paid.
At least it won't be some shady anonymous developers to SOLELY rely on your investment,
it will also be your fellow crypto enthusiasts that are hired to help push Architectcoin to the top 10 on coinmarketcap as well.

Our Initial Coin Offering “ICO” will be held on Bittrex's exchange versus running it ourselves for the safety and efficiency of all investors.
When ARCH opens on Bittrex it will be available for purchase at a rate of 2800 satoshi per coin (0.000028). All 5,000,000 coins will be
available for purchase with no limitation per account on the number that can be purchased.
We kept the price per coin low to give those with less capital and btc the ability to still partake in the ICO.
Our team also wanted to set a lower floor in order to give maximum return on investment as upward growth from 2800 satoshi can be achieved very easily.
This coin was designed for both large and small investors. Bittrex has thoroughly analyzed our source code to validate that it is free of anything
malicious, otherwise our ICO would not have been accepted.

If in the event not all coins are sold Bittrex will destroy the remaining coins to guarantee fairness,
and will hold ICO funds until our team delivers on it's promises with the wallet and proper working network at launch.

ICO funds will of course be made public on 2-3 BTC addresses for transparency. These addresses will pay workers of Architectcoin,
developers, and bounties for their continued work towards the success of this currency. If you wish to apply to be part of the development team
we are looking for someone with 5+ years of web development experience to add to our existing three team members.

Lastly, the ICO being at Bittrex has a few policies that everyone including us must be aware of:
You will all get the wallet and the ability to withdraw your ARCH coins before Bittrex distributes the ICO funds to our public wallets.
 Even after the ICO is complete we cannot pay any bounties until the three day escrow time limit enforced by Bittrex is up.
This 3 day grace period after the end of the ICO is Bittrex's policy and is put there to ensure everyone get's their coins/wallets/and has a fully working network/blockchain.
Once ICO funds are received we will pay out the first weeks salary regardless if it falls on a Friday or not in order to build a trust based relationship
with all community workers. We will expect everyone selected to work on Architectcoin in their chosen positions as soon as they are hired.
The ICO funds will be used as salaries to get the coin a great start, the primary goal is to turn Architectcoin's value high enough to no longer rely
on BTC directly as salary. Our wish is that we all get to the point where we only want to be paid in ARCH vs. BTC as the conversion rate will be better than direct BTC.

Bounties will be paid in either ARCH or [btc] per the request of the provider of services.

Architectcoin Community Manager and full time PR/Promoter: 4 [btc] per Month
The community manager must commit to one month of service and run promotional events and social media sites to generate growth of ARCH.
This is considered a full time and permanent position and will be rewarded further for superior work, efficiency, and value per coin rises.
BTC will be paid at the rate of 1 BTC every friday each week until trust is gained. Prefer candidates that desire at least 2 months or more of
employment, must be a “Full, Senior, or Hero member of bitcointalk” in order to apply.
 Applications will be taken in our thread publicly then taken to PM for a short interview.
Please have previous work on coins/marketing/PR ready for our evaluation. Must be professional at all times with the public
and be available to act as a mediator for any inter-community disputes. Must write in English proficiently, multi-lingual is a huge plus.

News Articles and Media = 0.2 BTC apiece for the first 5 articles (PM us for bounties with links to your quality written news article.)

Block Explorer with rich list = 0.55 [btc]

IRC Mods: 0.1 [btc] paid weekly must be active daily.
PM our team with your IRC experience, price bots, tip bot experience takes preference. Need 3 mods.

Trollbox Hype Champions!: We need 10 Trollbox champs from the community each earning 0.05 [btc] salary per week
for their continued hype of Architectcoin on every trollbox available (IE: Cryptsy, Poloniex, ALLcoin, Exchange IRC's, etc.) 
NOTE: Please try not to get banned as this will disqualify your [btc] salary.

Architect Market Guru and certified Whale: Requirement, must have a large following (over 1k followers)  on Twitter
and be a known whale with a solid history of predicting/manipulating the market and advocate Architectcoin to the public.
This position requires daily tweets, and at least 4 posts a week on our bitcointalk thread updating the public with market analysis.
This position is equally important as our Community Manager and it is our teams hope that the chosen BTC whale will work with the Community manager.
Salary will be 1 [btc] per week paid every Friday, long term employment is desired, minimum commitment is one month. 
Salary is base 1 [btc] per week, Bonuses paid to whales who push ARCH through the moon. Happy investor's equals bonuses.
NOTE: We know this position may cause some “commotion”,  investors the fact is, whales drive the markets.
Nearly every major rise is greatly attributed to btc whales who for lack of a better phrase
"run the markets". Our team is not uneducated, we know this position will be vital.

Architectcoin Multipool: 3 [btc] (must have the coins name in the URL and be designated for Architectcoin.
Multipool Operators must be active with the community especially regarding timely payouts of ARCH. Multipools as of late
haven't exactly been stellar performers to drive prices. If we feel the 3 btc could be better spent on advocates that perform outstandingly
then this bounty may not exist unless an extremely committed pool ops steps forward with plans to attract 1000's of miners.

All potential applicants of Architectcoin must submit their desire to fulfill one of the listed positions in this format via PM:

1.) Position Applying for.

2.) Experience and history.

3.) Desired length of employment.

4.) What you will contribute to our coin by working with us.

All applicants will be considered until positions are filled, these filled positions will be announced in this OP.
We do NOT expect you to use your real names at any time during employment as crypto inherently is anonymous in
nature and we are not here to expose anyone's identity. We want quality work though, and so will our investors
keep this in mind before applying. All employees are required to post in the bitcointalk publicly that they have been
paid their first salaries over the course of 4 weeks until trust is fully built. We will keep records of all salary payments for reference if ever needed.

Note regarding bounties/employment: Employees are required to post once in our thread claiming their desire for a certain position,
then PM our development team for further discussion to make sure we are a good fit. In your PM please be as descriptive as possible
regarding what you can offer and your time commitments in order to move the hiring process along faster. All positions are contingent upon
the ICO selling at least 80% of it's totality. Payment of Salaries will occur on Friday of every week for every new position. Bonus's will be paid on
top of salary for confirmed hype/marketing that proves extremely effective. We will have a spreadsheet of everyone's user names, their positions, their pay
rates and btc addresses to keep track of you all. Please give us a btc address that can be reused to cut down on clerical mistakes.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be very busy handling applications, the network, and coding during the ICO period and beyond.
We WILL get back to you as soon as possible, but we ask everyone to exercise PATIENCE. If we don't reply to your pm in one or
2 hours this doesn't mean we are ignoring you, it means we are busy or sleeping. One of our dev team will be checking the thread and inbox
regurlarly to keep up with services and applications/questions/interviews.

Superior wallet 
The Architectcoin wallet has been meticulously crafted with extreme
attention to detail.It uses proven and reliable PoS implementation, extensively
 tested in a dedicated lab environment for your peace of mind
and to guarantee stability of the network. Our Windows binary is compiled
with extra optimizations using the latest GCC 4.9
and linked to the most optimized and secure version of OpenSSL (1.0.1h) and QT (5.3) libraries –
which is a unique feature, as most other wallets use outdated, buggy and problematic libraries and toolchains.
Additional manual and automated testing has
been performed on our wallet. All this shows that we really care about our investors
and we want to provide them with the best crypto experience possible.

You thought we were done with features? Nope! For those who may not know back when
Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin he made what was called a “master key”.
This master key had the ability to broadcast messages across the bitcoin network wallets.
There are many things that this can be used for and in almost every single altcoin wallet this feature simply doesn't exist, until now.
 We implemented properly working alerting and checkpoint server features that allows us to instantly notify users of network
 problems (i.e forks or mandatory wallet updates) and handle them in more effective manner.
We will sometimes use this to pass messages to all those with open wallets as well to communicate certain
things we only want our investors/community to be aware of before going public with them ie: new features etc.
These alerts will show up in the notification bar on a Windows machine near the time clock.

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