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« on: June 08, 2019, 10:46:20 AM »

Roobee is a blockchain-based investment platform that uses AI and transparent statistics to help people make smart investments from $ 10 into previously inaccessible investment products with a high and complex entry threshold - such as real estate, promising start-ups, investment funds, IPO, stocks, cryptocurrency projects and others.

The project successfully conducted private rounds, receiving the equivalent of $ 5.5M from well-known crypto whales. One of them is “200M_trader”, which in August 2018 invested 10,955 ETH on the pre-seed round (about $ 4.5 million); the other, one of the top 250 Bitcoin whales, closed the private round of Token Sale with 200 bitcoins (about $ 1 million).

Roobee has impressive plans. On the basis of its own blockchain, a set of tools for the investor is created, which complement each other and create a closed ecosystem. 8 products have been announced today: Roobee Network, RoobeeID, RoobeeWallet, RoobeeScore, RoobeeFin, RoobeeMarket, RoobeeTerminal, RoobeeLiquid. All interesting and popular, the most important - carrier network Network, a set of keys to all services RoobeeID, wallet. Others are internal portfolio management tools that increase investment efficiency by taking it to a new level using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The target audience of Roobee is the Y and Z generations which, according to the UN, by 2020 will make up 63% of all consumers. They are not inclined to study complex data and same time do not trust traditional banks. Roobee proposes to solve this dual problem with the help of blockchain and artificial intelligence. The blockchain will provide transparency of transactions, the AI will act as a smart consultant.

It is known that up to 90% of private investors lose money on exchanges. Roobee is not about active trading, but more about the formation of smart and balanced investment portfolios. Roobee creates a simple and convenient investment service, in which there will be no active trading with constant tracking of quotations, “stock” game, stop-losses, glasses, margin trading and other complex professional tools.

Another fundamental idea - the elimination of the threshold of entry. Most investors are people who do not have large capital. The Roobee platform removes restrictions for them and allows them to invest in products that were previously available only to large investors, both in the fiat world and in the crypto environment. In Roobee, any person in a couple of clicks will be able to invest his money in a portfolio of investment products from different markets, which will allow him to get the maximum diversification.

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