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Author Topic: How Seamless Crypto Swaps Could Facilitate the Mass-Market Adoption of Crypto  (Read 93 times)


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  • Bitcoin Garden: How Seamless Crypto Swaps Could Facilitate the Mass-Market Adoption of Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency is heading into its second decade now after Bitcoin made its debut in 2009. In the last 10 years, Bitcoin and its underlying Blockchain technology have triggered a disruption of epic proportions across the global financial services industry. Despite the potential of cryptocurrencies to replace (or at the very least, coexist with) fiat currencies as a means of transferring value, cryptocurrencies are still seen as speculative assets. In fact, the bulk of cryptocurrency users are mostly tech enthusiasts, curious explorers, and risk-tolerant investors.

    However, for cryptocurrency to take its please as an acceptable means of exchange, it must unlock mass-market adoption. ChangeNOW, a Binance Launchpad alumni has built a non-custodial service aimed as simple and fast cryptocurrency exchange for everyday usage. ChangeNow’s service is a true “exchange” service that provides users with an opportunity to swap any cryptocurrency into another cryptocurrency without going through the conventional trading route offered on most traditional exchanges.

    ChangeNOW allows people to swap more than 170 tokens for exchange, it doesn’t impose any limits and you can swap as much cryptocurrencies as you want. The best part is that ChangeNOW doesn’t require any sort of signup, account creation or registration before you can use its service.

    Atomic Wallet provides a similar service that allows it users to exchange their assets via non-custodial Atomic Swap over a decentralized order book. Atomic swaps are inherently peer-to-peer and require that at least two parties who own different coins and agree to exchange those coins without the intermediary of a third party....
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