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Author Topic: EOS Leads In Numbers But TRX Remains Stronger in the Dapp Battle: Q1 2019 Report  (Read 141 times)


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Dapps are considered to the future of the decentralized world and the project that stays ahead in this battle would be at the top. Hence nearly all project are trying to enter this race but its EOS that is currently leading the Dapp battle in categories of total users, volume and transactions

Ethereum struggles to keep up the pace with EOS and Tron
Dapps and its underlying smart contracts were introduced by Ethereum and it was the undisputed champion of the Dapp world. But past one year has been really tough for Ethereum as its blockchain has remained congested and has taken away performance from the Dapps. Ethereum has lost a lot of Dapps to its rivals, EOS, and Tron, making it very difficult for Ethereum to make a comeback.

The recent Dapp numbers collated by the website Dapp Review shows a very dismal performance by Ethereum indicating things are still far for being normal for the second largest coin by market cap. The ecosystem data shows EOS at the top while Tron has been making giant strides moving ahead of Ethereum. The total users for EOS have been 1 million while for Tron the number stands 484860 while Ethereum users were just 78740. The same was in terms of volumes where EOS saw a little under USD 100 million in volume, whereas figures for Tron were over 84 million and for Ethereum it was over 28 million.

Source: Dapp Review

The only place where Ethereum stands out is the number of Dapp it holds which as on April 3 stands 1698, compared to 472 of EOS and 372 on Tron. But the way this dynamics is changing and if Ethereum doesn’t find a solution for itself it may soon go down here as well.

The ecosystem also has grown fantastically with total Dapps now standing at 2499 with 24h volume in USD at 35,039,578 and total smart contracts executed at 6550.

source: dapp review

According to categories Casino and Gambling Dapps still, occupy the larger share with over 58%. This is followed by gaming at 15%, Others at 14.14% Market place at 5.7%, High-risk apps at 5.7% and social Dapps at 1.48%


With Dapp ecosystem growing at this pace, Ethereum and Vitalik will have to really move quickly if they do not want Ethereum to be thrown off this race



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