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Author Topic: Tron-based USD to Launch in Three Days [...]  (Read 172 times)


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Tron-based USD to Launch in Three Days [...]
« on: April 07, 2019, 07:36:01 AM »

Tron remains at the vanguard of the blockchain community, and despite all the controversy surrounding this popular crypto, Justin Sun is undoubtedly one of the most prominent personalities in the crypto ecosystem.

The CEO of BitTorrent and the Tron Foundation has achieved several partnerships aiming to exploit Tron’s potential not only in terms of capitalization but also in adoption and real usability. Of all of them, the last maneuver was to get Tether, the creators of USDT, to agree on issuing a stablecoin running on this platform.

In a dialogue with The Crypto Chick, Justin Sun finally revealed that the long-awaited USDT-Tron token would be released on April 9. He explained that because of the advantages provided by Tron, many institutional investors are interested in operating with this crypto and with tokens running on this blockchain:

We’re getting lots of interest from these institutional investors. I think we’ll do everything to fulfill their requests because when the institutional investor gets into this industry they have lots of requests.”

For Justin Sun, Tron is much better than Omni (BTC Layer) and Ethereum. Tron’s reliability, speed, and cost-effectiveness make it the best choice for stablecoins development, especially if high transaction volumes are expected:

Most of the congestion and the bad experience of the stablecoin comes from the Omni blockchain because this is an obsolete solution with extremely expensive, slow and also unreliable infrastructure for the stablecoin, so once we get to this better infrastructure I think the whole blockchain community will be benefited from this”.

USDT is currently the most important stablecoin in the ecosystem. According to Tether, the token was first backed 1:1 by physical dollars; however, the firm responsible for its emission recently changed these claims, explaining that it may have other assets as collateral.

Despite this important turnaround, USDT is the only stablecoin in the top 10 of CMC and is the preferred token for traders when it is necessary to freeze their profits.

USDT has a capitalization of 2.06 billion dollars, just less than 300 Million USD over TRX, which ranks 11th in the global marketcap.

Likewise, Sun commented that he intends to airdrop 20 million dollars in USDT-Tron to those early adopters who have created a portfolio.

“This just like the TRX – BTT airdrop we have been doing before… We just airdop assets to those addresses without touching any of the assets at all,”



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