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Author Topic: [ANN] [MNAMS] 2nd Phase of IPO - Invest in a real physical Company  (Read 1111 times)


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Asset Name: MNAMS     Asset Account: NXT-Q37A-2ZFS-7R63-2U76P     Asset ID: 11448123662956582286     Webiste:

MNAM is a company which specializes in web design, search engine optimization, social network and online marketing. We outsource our services to companies around the world. MNAM is a company built on returns from advertising income based on Media Related Websites presently we won. We are going to create/takeover more media related websites, mostly News sites. This is NOT a start-up; what we’re proposing is a business started two years ago and which is expected to generate a significant annual turnover on its own. We already have two years of experience behind us. We have already working with few news related sites and try to achieve at least 25+ Media Websites at the end of the year 2016.

Media Network Asset Management is an interesting venture, for a number of reasons. MNAM is a company that pulls wealth into crypto from the mainstream economy. A lot of trading goes on in crypto, but most of it is plays on bitcoin and altcoins - the same market just moving money around between traders. This MNAM brings new money in from the fiat economy.

On 26th February 2016, Media Network Asset Management created a project on the NXT Asset Exchange with ticker name MNAMS (Media Network Asset Management Shares). This MNAMS asset represent 100% share in the profits of our company and do not represent any ownership or control over the operations of the actual business. As a promoter, MNAMS holds 60% of total assets permanently. As we are new to assets on crypto platform, we will continue to take advice and improve this and we don't intend to do anything against the law.


MNAMS are issued via a digitally signed certificate on the NXT Asset Exchange. Ownership is transferred by transferring the digital certificate representing a particular asset. Whoever can demonstrate ownership of the private-key securing the certificate is presumed to own the asset.

MNAMS does exactly the same things as NXT.
There are always risks at investing assets. Media Network Asset Management is not responsible for any financial loss. Always use money you can spare.

Asset information

Asset Name: MNAMS
Asset Account: NXT-Q37A-2ZFS-7R63-2U76P
Asset ID: 11448123662956582286
Total Assets: 21M

2nd Phase of IPO:

7524614 MNAMS are offered in this 2nd Phase of IPO from Promoters Account: NXT-Q37A-2ZFS-7R63-2U76P, any leftover MNAMS can be deleted once this 2nd phase of IPO is over.
Remaining 12600000 MNAMS (60%) are held in Promoters account forever.

Asset Name: MNAMS     Asset Account: NXT-Q37A-2ZFS-7R63-2U76P     Asset ID: 11448123662956582286     Webiste: 

IPO Starting on: 14th March 2016   IPO Price: 0.10 NXT per each MNAMS IPO Ending on: 13th April 2016

What features can MNAMS investors expect to see in the future?
  • From January 2017, Jun 2016 we are planning to pay dividends to MNAMS investors every month.
  • In 2018, we are planning MNAM to become public limited company.
  • All transactions are transparent.

Monetary Allocations from MNAMS:
  • This year (2016): 100% of Profit from MNAMS activities (outsourcing services (web designing, SEO, Social & Network Marketing) and advertising income from own media websites) will go to business expansion, buy walls, NAV increase etc. and newly proposed dividends.
  • From January 2017: 70% of Profit from MNAMS activities (outsourcing services and advertising income from own media websites) will go to monthly dividends, the rest from profit (30%) will go for investments, buy walls, NAV increase etc.

Thank you very much for showing your trust on MNAM!
We believe that this is a great opportunity to investors, to be part of a unique platform. And we want to thank you very much.

We are happy to announce that we are start working to create Android Apps under MNAM Brand.

In first phase we are releasing Wallpaper App, Live TV App, Recipes App, Social Network App, Success Quotes App, Word Mind Game App and couple of Games within two months and available on Google Play Store.

With these Apps, our advertising income increase rapidly.

We use 2nd Phase IPO money to develop more Domains and release more Android/iOs Apps.


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