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Author Topic: Battle of Planets - new fantasy bitcoin game announcement  (Read 158 times)


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Battle of Planets - new fantasy bitcoin game announcement
« on: February 20, 2019, 10:55:52 PM »
Dear friends! Today I will introduce you new fantasy card game about planetary war — Battle of Planets.

After long days of development and testing the game is open for registration for all gamers.
The game mode Gamer against Gamer is already available in early access at
Now game is in release and available for real Bitcoins and in practise mode (without stakes).
There are Bitcoin faucet 1,000 satoshi every 60 minutes and 10,000 signup BONUS. Available only if registering using referral link or insert invtiter login manually, for example LOLKA5.

Game briefs:
• more than 100 fantastic cards from distant future, taken from parallel Universe, with unique and very quality art
• cards graphics have animatng effect, which can be switched off in the settings menu
• premium account enables you to see enemy statistics (skills) before fight and provides additional card slot
• option to buy additional card slot without premium account
• minimum bet after 0,00001 BTC  or 1,000 satoshis - around 0.04$
• commission fee will make 1%
• affiliate system:  your profit will make 0.5% from the sum of all bets of gamer, you have invited 3 lvl
• winner gets the win excluding 1% ( 0.5% game commission, 0.5% of affiliate rewards)
• during battle gamers can communicate to each other in chat
• account refilling with Bitcoins and other payment systems
• money withdrawal in 24 hours maximum, commision fee makes 1%
 You will need to do the following steps:
1.  When entering game all gamers should pass two factor autentication with the help of code sent to e-mail address
2. Create or join existing game. Confirm or wait for the readiness from enemy and start epic planetary battle!
3.  Enter full-screen mode for more comfortable game — press rectangle in bottom right of the screen
4.  You can play with bot or with another player for bet or in practice mode.
Now let’s speak about game mechanics
Each gamer has its own Planet, Shield and Troops together with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash resources. Each currency has its own growth for each move. In classical game type it equals to +2. The conditions for victory are described in each game type. Usually it concerns the destruction of adversary planet or reach planet required level or accumulate specific amount of all resources. The player who first gets to the goal wins and takes the bank.
Types and settings of each specific fight:
• the selection of time for each move makes 30/60/120 seconds
• one deck of cards/ indefinite deck
• selection of game type "Classic", "Slow", "Economics", "Defensive". Each set provides various starting set of resources, resources growth, life units, shield and troops
• Practice mode — game without stakes
note: first game load can take some time.
Have a good gaming.


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Re: Battle of Planets - new fantasy bitcoin game announcement
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2019, 06:15:10 PM »
Hey, planetary commandor, Greetings from Universal Intelligence Service!

Be sure to check some recent and future updates in the game.

Recent updates:
-Added bitcoin faucet, 1,000 satoshi for a game every hour
-Minimal bet is 1,000 satoshi only
-New three level affiliate system 0.3%+0.1%+0.1%
-10 times cheaper premium account
-10 times cheaper additional slot
-BONUS 10,000 satoshi and 1 week of premium account for each new player who use inviter login during registration or registered using referral link.
- Game testing stage completion
- More stable gaming session

Coming soon:
-Proven honest game. All dealt cards are pre-determined in advance and saved into hash
-Tournament game for Ethereum (smart contract)
-Game for usd
-Payments/withdrawals to Ethereum, Payeer
With the wishes of nice and profitable game, commandor!


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Re: Battle of Planets - new fantasy bitcoin game announcement
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2020, 03:37:49 PM »
This game is full of shit. All that wants is money, nothing else.. I remember how I was cheated by the "agency" that was talking about the interesting plot, cool graphics etc. I got cheated by them since this game wasn't that great as they described.. Actually, I like more tactical video games, since they show the real experience that can be used in combat. Personally, with that purpose Rainbow Six Siege has helped me. However, the thing is that Rainbow Six Siege want to get some more money for this, and I mean the profile ranking.. The process took a lot of personal time, that's why I believe that it's better to use a service that can do the same work as a person do, in order to raise the profile rank. I tried once a boosting service that helped me a looot. It's not expensive, so why I shouldn't use the service, cause I don't want to see the corporate things..
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