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Author Topic: ETHERsweeps - decentralized, anonymous sportsline smart contract on Ethereum  (Read 280 times)


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Ive built a tokenized sportsline, with wagers presently available on the outcome of the UEFA Europa and UEFA Champions League tournaments. ETHERsweeps is built on top of an edited EtherEx platform, using custom-built tokens representing each team still involved in these tournaments.
Tokens are available at 0.1 ETH each. With the built in minimum of 1 ETH on transactions on the EtherEx platform, the minimum purchase will be 10 tokens. Tokens will be available to purchase until April 26th at noon UTC, just before the start of the semi-finals. At the conclusion of the tournaments, I will set a purchase order on the marketplace to "buy back" the tokens representing the winning team at the odds posted on the ETHERsweeps website. Tokens representing eliminated teams will, naturally, be valueless.
Please check out for more information.
To connect to the ETHERsweeps webserver, run geth/eth with the following command line:
geth --rpc --rpccorsdomain --unlock 0 console
and then connect to to open the ETHERsweeps web server.


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Anonymous sports betting is a given, but there are far more platforms, services and just anonymity in general required to "play" in this new found arena we call crypspace


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