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Author Topic: TOQQN Social Media Platform without Ads  (Read 82 times)


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TOQQN Social Media Platform without Ads
« on: March 01, 2019, 02:51:56 AM »

Clients ordinarily get to online life social platform by means of electronic advances on work areas and workstations, or download social platform that offer web based life usefulness to their cell phones e.g., cell phones and tablets. As clients draw in with these electronic social platform, they make exceedingly intuitive stages through which people, networks, and associations can share, co-make, talk about, and alter client produced substance or pre-made substance posted on the web.

Toqqn is a little advance towards a major mission to give clients a protection centered and advertisement free social experience. Too, clients are compensated with crypto consistently, through another action based biological system. What's one of a kind about Toqqn is that doesn't store any client information, it doesn't follow you, nor does it tail you wherever with advertisements.

Manufactured utilizing the best of both customary and web 3.0 innovations, Toqqn will be profoundly easy to understand; in the meantime blockchain innovation is embraced to decentralize client information. That way no customer data will be secured on our stage or servers to keep any kind of maltreatment or abuse of people's private data.

Toqqn is a promotion free blockchain-based social stage. The designers guarantee their answer won't store any client information. The Toqqn clients will be compensated with TQN tokens for different exercises, for example sharing substance. half of the TQN absolute supply (1 billion TQNs) will be held for these prizes. Extra income to help the stage activity will be created through the charges the clients should pay to get to Toqqn commercial center, which will offer different computerized administrations.

Billions of individuals over the world don't claim any crypto coins or skill or where to get it. Toqqn is out to change that. That is for what reason we're going to utilize this stage to place crypto in the hands of our individuals.
- Crypto for People
We need to help cross over any barrier between 'crypto-haves-and-the less wealthy'. People get crypto for their activities on the stage, every day.
- Privacy as a matter of course
Your own information remains private. We don't store any customer data in our servers or any servers. We use blockchain innovation to decentralize client information.
- Goodby to Ads and Trackers
Toqqn is a 100% promotion free stage. You will never be hindered by any promotions, or be retargeted by publicists subsequent to visiting our stage.
- Responsive and Compatible
Toqqn is intended to be cross stage good and portable well disposed. It renders perfectly across over various projects, on your phone, tablet or work zone.
- Learning Support
New to crypto? No stresses. We'll help individuals through the whole procedure of trading, gaining, sending, and pulling back their toqqns.
- Decentralized Future
As the blockchain innovation advances, we'll move to an increasingly decentralized framework, utilizing blockchain to verify client correspondence and messages.

At the point when each and every real social stage abuses client information for shrewdness purposes, the significance of a stage that doesn't store client information builds day by day.At a similar time, we need to achieve the majority with crypto, in light of the fact that we feel it is the installment arrangement of things to come. So as opposed to abusing clients who add to our social stage, we compensate them with crypto.

Raising support for the venture's improvement begins in the primary seven day stretch of November 2018. Stage improvement is as of now going all out. We mean to dispatch the principal variant of our commercial center by Q2 one year from now and a have completely useful beta by Q4 of 2019.

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