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Author Topic: ★Project ReskayLeaks & TeamDarkc0de™ In #OpAlpha Partnership★  (Read 1447 times)


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★Project ReskayLeaks & TeamDarkc0de™ In #OpAlpha Partnership & ReskayLeaks UPDATED Fraud Archive: 4 (Dec-Feb 2015-16)★

Hey Guys!

Project ReskayLeaks Is back after a 3 week break, and this time we're doing something a-bit different!

We are announcing our support for another movement, similar to how we promoted #OpIsis & #OpParis last November.

(#OpIsis & #OpParis were tutorials into how to find, crack, report & doxx Isis-related accounts on social media ran by Anonymous)

This time we've been contacted by a group of vendors from Alphabay who wish to remain anonymous, going under the collective name of TeamDarkc0de™.

They have told us that since August, when the original moderator Alpha02 left and handed over the reigns to a friend, there has been a consistent "phishing" problem
that's destroyed confidence and created a atmosphere of paranoia, fingerpointing and of course, angry trolls.

The TeamDarckc0de guys have told us that not only is the phishing allowed by the new Moderator, but he, in-fact is operating the phishing campaigns himself along with other associates, and using this as a way of siphoning off funds from newcomers who don't know any better under a veil of outside attacks.

We ourselves at ReskayLeaks have all encountered bad service regarding fullz and a general downturn in consistent and truted sellers.

So all of this has led us to decide to team up with TeamDarkc0de™'s #OpAlpha Campaign, and help promote their mission of changing the way Alphabay works.

We're happy after our conversions with them to both validate and endorse their campaign.

Also, We're finally realeasing our updated fraud collection, including all guides found between Dec-Feb,
Aswell as more ReskayLeaks archives throughout 2016! Including more counterfeit currency templates, guides, link lists, public hacks and more!

Don't forget , if you find our content helpful or we've saved you money, don't hesitate to show your appreciation!

Project: ReskayLeaks

ReskayLeaks & TeamDarkc0de™ In #OpAlpha Partnership: Top 14 Alphabay Guides For 20% ★ReskayLeaks★


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