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Author Topic: SUQA - Oiling The Wheels of Blockchain  (Read 76 times)


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SUQA - Oiling The Wheels of Blockchain
« on: January 18, 2019, 08:38:11 PM »

The cryptocurrency market has been on a downward spiral movement shedding over 85% of from it's all time high for over a year leaving holder's of  bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies biting there finger's and crying.

Well Good news, Suqa is here to fix all broken nails and wipe your tears metaphorically.

I know you're wondering what is suqa and how is it going to wipe our tears and oil the wheel's of  blockchain .

Suqa is based on an improved code of the secure and widely used Bitcoin Blockchain with a brand new advanced X22i POW algo which is completely ASIC, FPGA and QUANTUM resistant which makes it more flexible, scalable ,fungible and more faster than bitcoin. 

To put the icing on the cake, suqa gives the investors 5 % apr interest from term deposits even if the wallet is offline (the most secure way) every 4 weeks  which means you earn while holding this rare gem

Blockchain is currently  growing and fast becoming an household name  and SUQA targets to make that process faster ,easier and trustworthy by making the adoption of blockchain as a whole easier by improving and developing upon lapses facing the blockchain industry.   SUQA is rapidly gaining popularity among crypto community .

Suqa has proven to be more than just a cryptocurrency but an investment opportunity to earn periodically

Suqa aims to continue developing new features to better improve it's network with a max supply 1.18 billion SUQA and block Time of 2 minutes and a max Block Size of 16 mb with no ico, premine or masternode and Transactions in the SUQA chain are carried out over the network which makes the transactions much more scalable and reliable with 533 transactions per second.

I know you're wondering how does suqa funds it's operation , there's a 9.090909% founders fee from every mined block which is used to pay for exchange listings, marketing ,bounty e.t.c

Suqa Foundation is a Decentralized Autonomous Philanthropist Organization that rewards everyone inside its ecosystem generously, secure and transparently without fees to foster the growth of the Blockchain.

Suqa has a cross platform wallet ranging from Windows, Linux to Android, ios e.t.c .you can visit there website on to download or use it's web wallet interface  .

To learn more about suqa or contribute to it's development, Visit the links  below


Telegram channel :

Whitepaper :

Bitcointalk thread :

Writers details.

Bitcointalk name:xrpbelly

Bitcointalk link :;u=2521736

Suqa wallet :



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