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Author Topic: [ANN] | Endox (EDX) | PoW/PoS | Wish Algo | MasterNodes | Velocity | VRX 3.0 |  (Read 387 times)


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  • Endox [EDX]

    About: Endox has our very own variation of the famous algorithm BlueMidnightWish. We've implemented amazing features such as master nodes, instantTX, Velocity, VRX3, Encrypted Messaging will be added next update, Explorers, and web-wallets.

    This blockchain was devised and created through the community for the community, and the goal of this project is to become it's own Operating System for all platforms (As secure and user-friendly as Linux but as beautiful and graceful as Macintosh OS)


    Project name: Endox
    Ticker: EDX
    Algorithm: Wish (bmw512)
    Total supply: 8.85 Billion
    Premine Amount: 1.69% of Total supply
    PoW: 920 EDX per block
    PoW(SuperBlock): 25% chance of 1240 EDX
    PoS: 920 EDX per block
    PoS(SuperBlock): 25% chance of 1240 EDX
    BlockTime: 4.5 minutes
    Port: 51441
    RPCPort: 51221
    Masternode Collateral: 50K
    Masternode payments go live: January 24th, 2019

    Block payment structure ~
    63% ~ masternodes
    7% ~ (PoS only) dev-ops
    30% ~ miners/stakers


    -Swap Ratio and Location-
    Ratio for the swap will be 10,000 Endov2 -> 1 Endox
    Location will be in the discord and other possible sites
    Link to Discord:

    Airdrop - Come to our discord and get rained on by our Endox Weather-control bot!

    Exchanges: Currently Looking, Please Post Below If You Know Any Were We Can Be Voted In

    Endox Release Available Soon!

    Github: Link:

    Wallet Link (Mac): Coming Soon
    Wallet Link (Win): Coming Soon
    Blockchain Snapshot: Coming Soon

    Wallet Preview:

    Web Wallet For Endox is now available at
    Block Explorer for Endox is now available at
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    Have a good launch. I really appreciate steady progress this far :)
    Don't miss it!


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    learning and knowledge , your feature is very well implementation with great as masternodes
    this is make community very intersted became for contribute.
    support ,hope will be add plan a new bounty campaign .


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