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Author Topic: [FREE SERVICE] TWITTER AUDIT - Re-Auditing Your Twitter For Free [FREE]  (Read 307 times)


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  • Helloo To Bitcointalk members, Bounty Hunters and Twitter Community.

    Nowadays, a lots of twitter bounty campaigns ask users to present Twitter account audit link or make sure their twitter audit is done at least 3weeks interval.

    Few twitter bounty campaigns require a participants twitter audit should not exceed 1 month.
    As we all know, one can only audit his or her account once and later be required to purchase a Bronze, Silver or Gold membership.

    I have made it a previledge to assist my fellow bounty hunters, to freely help audit their account after using the free trial.
    I lost a bounty reward due to my Twitter Audit older than the campaign requirement.
    So i would not want my fellow bounty hunters to experience the same.

    To do your twitter account re-audit on TwitterAudit. Just do the below rules.

    Rules are simple

    1. Follow me on -

    2. Tweet something nice and add tag @etrusttoken and #ReAudit #Follow #Recommend

    3. Post the link to your tweet on this thread

    Code: [Select]

    1. Your Twitter handle
    2. Link to your tweet

    Re-audits will be made immediately i see your request.

    I reserve the right to deny a re-audit by my sole decision.
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