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Author Topic: Bitcoin Garden Forum: 08 Jan 2019 Newsletter #33  (Read 149 times)


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  • Bitcoin Garden Forum: 08 Jan 2019 Newsletter #33
    « on: January 08, 2019, 12:32:50 PM »
    Hello my dear forum member.

    This is Secco, admin of Bitcoin Garden Forum, writing. Happy new year! Welcome to this new edition of the Bitcoin Garden Newsletter.

    The past two years have certainly been noisy for bitcoin investors, but very little has changed about the fundamental bitcoin story. Will 2019 be the year of bull or will it be another year of pain? It is hard to say at this time, 12 months is a very long period in crypto and everything can happen. There are some positive signals but it too early to call for a change of scenario. Fingers crossed.

    NEW MODERATOR FOR THE RUSSIAN BOARD: As you have probably noticed, in the last few months the staff expanded with many new moderators. Moderators are here to help you and to make sure the forum is a safe environment for all of us, so please be kind to them and collaborate as much as you can. It is worth to remind that in every post there's a "Report to moderator" button, so every time you see a post that is objectionable, you're welcome to report it for proper investigation. Make sure to add a comment when reporting it, so moderators will know what's wrong with it and can quickly handle it! Now, I would like to introduce DmitriySar, new moderator for the Russian board. Thank you for joining us and welcome on board!

    COINWARE PLANS TO ADDRESS PAIN POINTS OF CRYPTO TRADERS: Trading with cryptocurrencies can be a very stressful experience for some and a very rewarding experience for others. Truth is, doing trading in these financial instruments is nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. But, a lot of the problems perceived by traders are not inherent to crypto tokens themselves but are actually related to the platform on which they are trading. A platform that meets all the best practices and features is hard to find. COINWARE intends to address the pain points of current trading platforms. They are creating a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that is the essence of all their expertise and experience in the field of finance, trading, crypto and blockchain. State of the art security measures, competitive fees made possible by a well-developed trading engine, and liquidity to be able to cover any transactions are making COINWARE one of the most refreshing takes of creating a cryptocurrency exchange that actually adds value to a trader's user experience. Not only this, they are integrating their own payment token called CWT (COINWARE Token) to cover for trading fees, listing fees, and any other fees inside the platform. Their presale is currently in progress and if you are interested in participating in a project that is set to deliver transformative changes to the crypto markets, you can take a look at this article:

    GIVEAWAYS, AIRDROPS AND BOUNTIES: It is a common practice in crypto to distribute some free coins and tokens in order to enlarge user base, spread awareness, and increase market liquidity. To participate in the distribution, sometimes you're just required to provide an address (but never reveal your private keys!), sometimes you're required to do some actions to support the project (joining a telegram group, posting on a social, etc.). As these are free coins, don't expect to become rich collecting them, but some good deal is possible, so you may want to keep your eyes on them. At Bitcoin Garden we have a specific board where you can find a lot of these offers, and even post your own. You can find it at:

    LEARNING CRYPTO: The next weeks are full of crypto events taking place in various countries. In this newsletter you will find a brief summary of the top ones and a couple of promo codes that will allow you to get tickets at discounted price, in case you want to attend. A more comprehensive list of events can be found at: where you're also welcome to share your favorite events and local meetups!

    SUPPLY CHAIN FORUM: January 10, 2018 in Hong Kong. The concept of a blockchain – a distributed, tamper-proof and time-stamped database of transactions that can be managed without intermediaries – is highly attractive in the supply chain domain, and the industry has launched a number of proof-of-concept initiatives. However, awareness of how blockchains work and what they can accomplish is still relatively low. The lack of knowledge is exacerbated by the fast pace at which the technology is evolving. Blockchain Supply Chain is the forum connecting blockchain experts, supply chain and logistics decision makers and tech innovators. This intimate gathering will explore how companies are investigating the use and deployment of the technology to help their supply chains. More info:

    2ND CHAINERS BLOCKCHAIN WEEK & SUMMIT: 23-24 January 2019 in Seoul, South Korea. 2300+ attendees, 60+ exhibitors, 75+ speakers from 15+ countries. Meet 50+ Token Fund & Venture capitals, 120+ project team mainly from South Korea, China, South East Asia, Europe, USA at after-parties and conferences during the whole week. Great support from Top South Korea Finance Groups, Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges (Upbit, Gopax, Coinplug, Houbi). Bitcoin Garden users can use promo code MPBG1017 to obtain a 25% discount on tickets. More info:

    JAPAN BLOCKCHAIN CONFERENCE 2019: January 30-31, 2019 in Yokohama, Japan. The conference will host top companies and organizations from Japan and abroad which represent the future of the rapidly growing blockchain space. It will be a place for these leaders to share information and show what they have achieved to enlighten others in the industry, advancing and expanding the applications of blockchain. This is where the world's blockchain companies and organizations can get together to form partnerships and exchange information. What’s more, it is a space where everyone can come and experience the leading-edge tech and expertise cultivated In Japan. More info:

    PARIS BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT: January 31 & February 1, 2019 in Paris, France. Paris Blockchain Summit is the largest event of its kind in France. The event will gather major international key players of the Blockchain ecosystem including well-known influencers, investors, government representatives, blockchain developers, law firms and service providers. Paris Blockchain Summit is a unique opportunity to connect international stakeholders who wants to promote the industry, generate concrete leads, showcase concrete application of the technology and hands-on learning experience from dedicated Workshops and Keynotes. Network with the industry’s most progressive professionals and from the people that are creating the future across industries like finance, insurance, logistics, utilities, media, entertainment and more. Bitcoin Garden users can use promo code bitcoingarden-pbs to obtain a 10% discount on tickets. More info:

    BLOCKCHAIN ECONOMY ISTANBUL SUMMIT: Event will be held on February 20, 2019, in Istanbul, Turkey. More than 5,000 attendees from 20 countries will attend the conference and more than 10,000 people will be watching live. By associating investors, entrepreneurs and professionals for discussing current cryptocurrency market and future of blockchain technology. More info:

    PARIS BLOCKCHAIN WEEK: 13-19 April 2019 in Paris, France. Paris Blockchain Week is the biggest Blockchain & Digital Assets event in Europe. During one week in the City of Lights, numerous events will be held by the most prominent blockchain organizations. A week in the biggest concentration of events peaking with the flagship event: Paris Blockchain Week Summit on April 16-17 in the largest incubator in the world: Station F. The Summit is the peak event gathering more than 3000 attendees and 100 speakers. During two days, we will take the main stage to discuss EU regulation, stable coins, decentralized exchanges, security tokens, scalability issues, recent advances in consensus mechanisms and many more! Renowned speakers from the best blockchain and digital asset companies in the world will share their stories and insights on the market and its prospects. Bitcoin Garden users can use promo code BITCOINGARDEN to obtain a 10% discount on tickets. More info:

    ASIA TRADERS FAIR & GALA NIGHT: Traders Fair & Gala night, Malaysia - a financial event for traders, investors and crypto enthusiasts which is going to take place in Malaysia on the 27th of April 2019 (InterContinental Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). The best trading experts, crypto companies, money brokers and banks from all over the world are going to share out their experience and to find out new up-to-date information about cryptocurrency, forex, stocks, futures and options markets. Also Traders Fair & Gala night is going to be full of educational programs and entertainment. More info:

    GLOBAL BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT SLOVENIA 2019: Following the recent worldwide tour of Blockchain for Sustainable Development Goals, the EU BC HUB along with the Nispana and under the patronage of Ministry of Economic Development and Technology – Republic of Slovenia are all set to ‘roll out carpets’ and welcome blockchain professionals and enthusiasts from all around the world to The Global Blockchain Summit Slovenia, Scheduled for 29 – 30 April 2019 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The government of Slovenia illustrates blockchain as a friendly environment that offers ease of doing business for the growth of companies, which makes Slovenia a unique and most sought-after destination for a host to the Global Blockchain Summit. More info:

    FORUM RULES: In order to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable, we kindly ask that all members follow some simple rules: - Users are also responsible for following board specific rules posted at the tops of specific board. Each member is responsible for his or her own posts. If another member breaks rules, you may ignore them or report the problem to the moderators, but you may not use it as an excuse to break rules yourself. Volunteer moderators help us manage the forums and enforce the forum rules. The moderators cannot read every message, so they rely on members to report problem posts that they encounter. The point of moderation is not to limit discussion, promote or suppress points of view, or any other secret agenda. The goal of moderation is to keep the forums enjoyable and free from problems that detract from the experiences of our users.

    LOCAL BOARD MODERATOR, POSITIONS OPEN: We're looking for a couple of local board volunteer moderators. Interested in the position? If you have been on the forum for a while, have a good posting reputation, you speak a good English and you are skilled on forum software and community moderation, you may want to contact Secco for an interview.

    THE HEROES OF THE GARDEN! This month 2 new users entered the club of "Garden Heroes"; they are: Jewelettes and HTMLCOIN. Congrats!

    NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE: All the past editions of this newsletter are available on the forum, in the newsletter archive:

    That's all folks! Enjoy your garden! As usual, comments and feedback are welcome. Secco.
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