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Author Topic: [ANN][CRT] CryptographicCoin | Scrypt | PoW + PoS | POS MINING POOL  (Read 3347 times)


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Special approach to implementing CryptographicCoin (CRTCoin) allowed to create the first world's cryptocurrency which is ecological, economically beneficial and truly anonymous.
Integration of ZeroCoin, NovaCoin and PeerCoin (PPC) technologies allowed to create completely new crypto financial instrument that is unparalleled in the world of modern cryptocurrencies.
By the fact, the transfer commission is not sent for the signing of transactions to miners - The first cryptocurrency is the first balanced instrument and its production coins volume should be equal to the amount of the destroyed commission with the time, and perhaps even exceed it.
It gives us the confidence that this cryptocurrency does not have an expiration date and will never stop to exist.
The hybrid system of ProofOFStake and ProofOfWork production allows to produce coins either by using physical calculations or using cryptocurrency deposits, you just need to have a certain amount of coins at your account and included purse, which gives a chance for the coins production.
The hybrid system also avoids the problem of 51 percent that connects with such currencies like BitCoin and LiteCoin, for example.
As for cryptocurrency features, there can be feedback diffuculty and rewards (as in PoS, and the PoW) – It means that the unit reward decreases with power increasing.
It helps to maintain the necessary network power reducing electricity consumption because production stops to be profitable with the large number of Miners.

a brand new technology: POS mining pool!
The mechanism of the PoS-pool CryptoBank is based on joint keeping of coins on common wallet for new blocks generating and as well as on the hardware pool the distribution of benefit is carried out according to the contribution of each participant.
read more here:

  • BTC Award for a unit: up to 8 coins.
  • BTC Frequency unit generation: Depends on the network crypto power.
  • BTC PoW/PoS Ration: approximately 80%/20%, depends on crypto power network.
  • BTC Hash algorithm: SCRYPT
  • BTC Maximum number of coins: 100 000 000 CRT
  • BTC The period of Mining efficiency: From launch until the end of time.

- Official website

- Exchange
C-Cex ( )

vote here:

- Block Explorer

- Github Link

- Services payment system

- Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations

- Download (Windows - Mac - Linux)

- Mining pools: -Official Pool CRTcoin -Pool CRTcoin -Pool CRTcoin

- Social

- News & articles

CRTCoin - what is it?
At the dawn of crypto-currency there had been only one tool which is well known all over the world, which is widely used and which is the most liquid mean for calculations throughout the world - is Bitcoin.
Years later, the success of Bitcoin has lead to generation of its clones which had only one problem - speculation on the crypto exchanges. There is no any currency which got other usage (except perhaps the Litecoin).

What was the reason for this phenomenon?
The course of Bitcoin is quite high and has a permanent growth trend. The rest of the crypto-tools have shorter life period. Nobody is trying to develop them and give them the other way for usage, except the speculation on the crypto exchanges. The creators do premine and try to sell it. As a result crypto- currency dies. Therefore we can make a conclusion that all crypto-currencies were created solely as means of enrichment of their authors and not otherwise.
Nevertheless, something new should appear , drastically different from the existing tools and having the longer life period to replace itself the Bitcoin which is already coming to climax of its development.

What are the major distinctive features this tool should have?
Infinite Mining to inverse control capacity network and amount of remuneration, selfdestroying Commission (to exclude the possibility of
currency becoming cheaper). An opportunity to make deposits (Mining used by means, but not by generating hashes - Proof of Stake) and to improve the crypto-power network not only by using physical miners, but also by the people that invested directly in a currency (which again will increase its value)
And this currency already exists — it is CRTCoin or you can call it completely Cryptographic Coin.

Let us consider the economic strength of this instrument:
1. Each transaction destroys a small amount of volume (in the amount of the average commission) of the kripto currency- natural deflation.
2. Inverse dependence of the crypto power and awards for block is doing this currency most ecologically pure, among peers, because if the power would rise very much - mining would become simply unprofitable and part of miners would leave, but at the same time the network capacity retrains, which is sufficient for transaction.
3.It is possible just to keep money on your wallet and to receive income in the form of all generated coins. It is not necessary to use expensive equipment, it is enough just to have a purse on your PC turned on.
4. Assured currency deficit provides the increase of its value and it makes it particularly attractive as means of payment for goods and services.
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