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Author Topic: EZYSTAYZ is a Global Holiday Rental Platform Powered by Crypto  (Read 30 times)


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EZYSTAYZ is a global platform that is bringing block-chain to the Hospitality Sector, that is, the home rentals and hotel lodging industry. Isn't that interesting? Follow the article to see how.
Many people already know some popular hotel booking companies such as AirBnb, Expedia,, and so on; However, Ezystayz is bringing the very transformative power of block-chain into the normal ways of doing hotel/home renting (globally), like it's being done at AirBnb or Ezystayz is going many steps beyond the common 'modus operandi' of the traditional hospitality platforms. Although, block-chain identities are slightly in AirBnb, Ezystayz will fully incorporate it.


Block-chain, we know, has really been disrupting our society in many imperative ways since it's inception. The potential it carries and the features it offers makes it what everyone is looking for. The features include those of transparency, de-centralization and security. With block-chain, hoteling transactions, people's data and funds would be handled more transparently.

Centralization is a kind of limitation on its own. That's why a lot of people wouldn't go for a centralized platform because they are skeptical about the use of their funds or the storing of their data, or they might not trust what the service providers claim to offer them as opposed to what they (service providers) gain. On the other hand, with the de-centralization option and enhanced security, customers and providers can relate more effectively and with more trust.


EZYSTAYZ platform is a peculiar marketplace based on the block-chain. They link accomodation providers (hotel or home owners) with their potential customers, namely, travellers via a smart-contract ecosystem that's de-centralized, higly secure, open.
As earlier mentioned, Ezystayz aims to ensure greater privacy, security and full customers protection.


EZYSTAYZ will ensure the regulation and monitoring of the market in terms of quality, protection and reliability. Customers' information, payments data, etc will be stored in a decentralized format.


The fundamental aim of this platform is the utilization of block-chain and smart-contracts to address the basic drawback of Airbnb, Expedia, Home-Away and other properties trading websites or platforms.

EzyStayz uses a couple of ground-breaking technologies and features, and they are:

First blockchain technology that allow targeted marketing on a P2P level
Elimination of trust issues
Integrating identity tokens & Smart-contracts.
De-centralized direct payments on a P2P level
Smart-contracts generation & customization with ease.
Ability to generate customized targeted searches for tenants resulting in faster searches, higher probability of renting and better Returns on Investment (RoI) for both hosts & service providers.

A Working Product
EzyStayz is the revolution of the travel industry! Their aim is to change the way the world stays, opening up the holiday rental market to individuals across the globe and providing travelers with unique, one-of-a-kind places to call ‘home’. EzyStayz will be using blockchain's state-of-the-art technology to provide the most secure and reliable service.

If you think that it is just a simple and new enterprise, we can easily tell that it is an expansion of Australia’s biggest global holiday rental listing website. Applying blockchain technology to the travel industry will make this industry much safer, reliable, and stronger!

EZY token will be the main element of EzyStayz and this platform will be powered by this unique token. You can buy or sell EZY tokens anytime you want! This successful team also provides a digital wallet where you can keep your tokens in a safe way.
Imagine a wallet that you collect tokens, and you spend them on your wonderful holiday. Wonderful, isn't it?

Automated payment processing system will allow customers to pay for anything they want in to time. Besides that, they will not have to wait weeks or months to get a refund!

For Tokensale 69.7%
For Reserve 10.3%
For Marketing 10%
For Team 10%
Detail of Team EzyStayz
James Moses , Founder & CEO
Vipin Mahasayan , CIO , Travel and Blockchain Tech
Sebastian Ashar , CTO
Sofia Sorberg , Head of Marketing & Social Media Manager
Catherine Kuzmina , Head Of Content
Carlii Lyon , Executive Branding Consultant
Rod Bellon , Community Manager
Vikrant Mukherjee , Business Development Manager
Hristo Piyankov , Tokenomics Advisor
Advisor :

Nikolay Shkilev , PhD , Founder & CEO
Vladimir Nikitin , Brand Ambassador
Jason Hung , ICA Cofounder ICO /STO Advisor
Marco Torregrossa , Workforce & Labour Markets Advisor
Marc Couzic, Founder , Innovator and CEO at Fieldcoin
Noel Alejandro Andrade , Blockchain & Exchange Advisor en EzyStayz
Genson Glier , DLT & Decentralized Network
Sam Kawtharani , Advisor , Consultant Fintech ,Blockchain
Anthony ABunassar , Rotschild Goldman Sachs JPMorgan


Telegram Group:
Youtube Channel:

Username : rajusharma2000


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