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Author Topic: [RULES] For bounty, Airdrop and ANN  (Read 3606 times)


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[RULES] For bounty, Airdrop and ANN
« on: December 14, 2018, 03:30:47 PM »
my name is Bamzmeca, moderator in bounty board.

rules :
1. ANN, please make announcements (ANN) at the coin home, not on the bounty board.
it can be found

2. BOUNTY, do not make a double topic, if that happens, I will remove it

3. AIRDROP please for airdrop post in board

4. No duplicate posting in multiple boards (except for re-posting it in the local language boards if it's translated).

5. All altcoin related discussion belongs in the ANN

6. Hidden email required in spreadsheet if register with exchanger account.

I don't give hard rules, use polite language, don't spam, don't say rude, not pornographic and that make people feel disappointed.
make it as comfortable as possible, and we will all be happy

best regard,
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