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Author Topic: 💰💰💰💰💰 6million TIG1 Token Giveaway for Public Airdrop and TCASH Holders!  (Read 209 times)


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6million TIG1  is divided into 2 parts: 5million Public Airdrop, 1million Targeted Airdrop to TCASH holders.

5 million Public Airdrop

Token numbers are proportional to your number of entries. Token numbers will be divided equally according to participants' entries. For example: Your number of Entries is 1% / 100%, you will receive 1% of the 5million TIG1 equal to 50,000 TIG1 Tokens.

Signup Link


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This token contract (thanks to Giveth, Griff Green, and many others) - Minime token contract
"token contract can be used for are:

    Generating a voting token that is burned when you vote.
    Generating a “coupon” token that is redeemed when you use it.
    Generating a token for a “spinoff” DAO.
    Generating a token that can be used to give explicit support to an action or a campaign, like polling.
    Generating a token to enable the token holders to collect daily, monthly or yearly payments.
    Generating a token to limit participation in a token sale or similar event to holders of a specific token.
    Generating a token that allows a central party complete control to transfer/generate/destroy tokens at will.
    All the applications the standard ERC 20 token can be used for, but with the ability to upgrade in the future as desired in a decentralized fashion.

All these applications and more are enabled by the MiniMe Token Contract. The most amazing thing is that ANYONE can give new functionality to MiniMe token holders in a permissionless yet safe manner without affecting the parent token’s intended functionality."


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