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Author Topic: Dobitrade Mining Watch  (Read 211 times)


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Dobitrade Mining Watch
« on: December 12, 2018, 08:59:12 AM »
Dobitrade is the World’s First Platform to reward Health physical activity with cryptocurrency. As such, everyone can now earn while they burn.

Moving Cloud (MC) intelligent blockchain mining, which uses proof of effort algorithm (POE), enables exercise enthusiasts to earn cryptocurrency through exercise. Anyone can participate by using Intelligent DAPP, intelligent wearable devices and smart home appliances because exercise is converted into digital assets. The basic unit of POE is the sports Hash (SH) which is used by POE to issue blockchain assets .
MC Wallet will help you to monitor your blockchain activities efficiently and through its Real-Time multi-platform market data , you can obtain quotations to track your earnings and to monitor the performance of your digital asset portfolio .
Change from this moment

The World’s First Wearable Miner Watch for Ladies & Gentlemen

*eVeRy StEp aNd MoMeNt GoT tO bE dIfFeReNt*

Create and ecosystem through POE mining , earning while you are burning calories , transform the energy through walking and running into real assets to make you wealthy and healthy.
Supporting MCC , NANO ,AFC ,MAC and other POE Mining gassets
Sports health +fashion +wealth +every moment is Wonderful

How to make money wearing MC Plus 2 ?

We create blockchain assets with intelligent wearable devices through POE (proof of effort) consensus. The mechanism is driven by exercise, which makes it the perfect way to encourage people to exercise, gain wealth and improve their health.
1. Walk to work
2. Take a walk with the family
3. Run
4. Exercise
5. Walk in the office

Dobitrade Social Media :

1-Official Website : [url=http://]]]
2-LinkedIn : [url=http://]

2-LinkedIn : [url=http://]]]
3-Twitter :[url=http://]

3-Twitter :[url=http://]]]
4-Facebook :[url=http://]

4-Facebook :[url=http://]]]
5-Telegram Channel : [url=http://]

5-Telegram Channel :[url=http://]]]
6-Medium : [url=http://]

6-Medium :[url=http://]]]
7-Youtube channel : [url=http://]

7-Youtube channel :[url=http://]]]


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