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Author Topic: Important - Giveaway & Airdrops Board Rules - Please read before posting  (Read 1561 times)


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  • This board is specially designed for you to promote crypto giveaway and airdrops. Referral links are allowed. Rules (2019.04.02):

      1 - One offer per thread. Title must contain offer and details, so searching will be easy.

      2 - No duplicates. Please do not post an offer that has been posted by another user.

      3 - Bumping: only 1 (after no less than 48 hours). And if you want to bump again, delete the old bump post.

      4 - Do not post list of offers in this board. You can do it in User Opportunities Threads.

      5 - Do not post faucets in this board. You can do it in Faucets Board. Please see rules there.

      6 - Do not post cloud mining offers in this board. You can do it in Mining Promo & Offers.

      7 - No ponzi/pyramid schemes. Instant ban for violating this rule.

      8 - You can report spam and off-topic using the "Report to moderator" button.

      9 - Do not spam and don't try to smartass your way around these rules!

    (Please note, general forum rules always apply:
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