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Author Topic: Utopia A Decentralized P2p Ecosystem  (Read 174 times)


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Utopia A Decentralized P2p Ecosystem
« on: September 15, 2019, 08:06:50 PM »
What Is UTOPIA P2P Ecosystem?
Utopia is a breakthrough decentralized P2P ecosystem with no central server involved in data transmission or storage. Utopia is specifically designed to protect the privacy of communication, confidentiality, and security of personal data. It was created for the privacy-conscious public who believe that privacy is paramount.

The Utopia network includes a secure alternative to the traditional Domain Name System (DNS) called the Utopia Names System (UNS). This is a decentralized record of impossible names confiscated, frozen, or corrupt by a third party. Once it is registered your property is for infinity.

Know more about utopia features here:

here is an article to know about Utopia beta tester program:
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Please register here

and earn while testing utopia Client software, promoting them on social media, bug reporting, etc


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