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Author Topic: CoolindarkCoin Fundraising  (Read 323 times)


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CoolindarkCoin Fundraising
« on: August 14, 2019, 08:25:10 PM »
Hello everyone

Today, i want to introduce a fundraising project of mine;
CoolindarkCoin Fundraising

As cryptocurrency is a free and fast way to send money to distant places and getting acceptance everyday; it should be the best way to reach out people who needs help!
I've created CoolindarkCoin 3 years ago for fun and understanding the logic about cryptocurrency. CoolindarkCoin still has an active blockchain, works perfectly but without a purpose except just for fun.
As a traveller in all around my country, i see lot of people need help and amazing people suffering with trying to create better places/lifes for people in need. That's why i want to give CoolindarkCoin a purpose to be a fundraising coin for all around the world!

Here is my humble project and i hope it will get attention and be an amazing one!
CoolindarkCoin Fundraising is an open, transparrent and clear project. It's a step by step process and every institution can join in it. Here are the steps:
* First of all, only institutions can join to the fundraising. It can be a very small or big one. Personal applications will not have a place for preventing abuse.
* Institutions and benefactors have to register to (which is my own cryptocurrency forum)
* Institutions should show themselves in "Institution Apply Board" in AltcoinForum. All institutions must share their BTC address for payment and also a photo with holding a paper written "coolindark". Photo is for confirmation, BTC address is for payment proof to public.
* Benafactors can purchase 250 CoolindarkCoin for 10$ in Bitify.
* After the end of the month, all benefactors and total money will be announced.
* After the end of the month, a lottery will be created with using
* After the lottery, all funds gathered from Bitify will be transferred to winner institution. Payment will be with Bitcoin (BTC).

* Why institutions shoud share their BTC addresses and a photo with holding a paper written "coolindark"?
Your BTC address will be known in public and payment will be done to this address. As BTC transactions are open to public, everyone can verify the payment. Photo is to protect institutions for fraud. You should get a photo in your institution and prove yourself for CoolindarkCoin Fundraising apply.
* I don't get why we get CoolindarkCoin for 10$. It's a fundraising, but we get CoolindarkCoin?
Yes, it's for encouraging everyone to join this project. You will be a benefactor but you will also get some of your money back as CC. However, this movement will also change CoolindarkCoin's market movement and value; so your CoolindarkCoins can turn to a profitable investment too! It's win-win situation and honestly i'd like to see my coin in a better place.
* Why lottery? We can vote for it, isn't it?
Actually, i thought about that a lot. But voting is a very easy way to open all this project to fraud. This can be easyly manipulated with fake accounts and kill the soul of this project. I will share details after the lottery with public. This will be much more fair.
* Why payed amount is less than funded?
Because Bitify take fees for payments and also there will be transaction fee for Bitcoin transfer to the institutions.
* Why Bitify?
Because it's easy, fast and reliable. Also it's always better to have a company between benefactors and me to prevent conflict and cheating.
* Where is the Bitify link?
I'm going to share it publicly after I get some institution appliences. Honestly, i don't want to gather money from people before there will be real people in need.

I will update this board after we get some movement.
Please share this project with your friends and be a part of it. And if you want to be a moderator for this project, i'm always open for it!

You can find the original announcement here :



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