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Author Topic: [ANN][GROINCOIN][GXG] GroinCoin is Here [ X11 and 100% POW ]  (Read 5759 times)


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I am pleased to announce the newest coin that you have thought about many times and wished for, but never was a reality until today - GROIN COIN is here - For Real!!! Groin Coin is an open source peer-to-peer scrypt based crypto-currency created in May 2014 and runs on the ASIC-proof X11 Algorithm backed by Dark Gravity Wave (DGW3). Check out the GXG details below.

Currency Name: Groin Coin
Currency Symbol: GXG
Currency Website:

Total Available Coins: 512,000,000 (512 million)
Coins/Block: 1,024 coins (Halved every 128,000 blocks)
Block Time: 2.5 minutes
Difficulty Re-target: Every 24 hours (DGW3)
Confirmations: 6 confirmations
Pre-mine: Less than 1.0% - (For bonus, bounties, giveaways, faucets, etc.)

   36967 - Testnet
   36968 - P2P
   36969 - RPC

Source Code:

The Groin Team recognizes that in the world of cryptocurrrencies there are many, many, many choices for users and online retailers - too many!  Some are better than others - some are without focus or just poorly maintained and supported. Groin Coin is not just any cryptocurrency like those – it is an activity-specific cryptocurrency that relies on the most recent programming techniques to provide a safe, secure an anonymous transaction alternative for mature (18+) users in three (3) primary business areas:
   - Adult-Oriented Content
   - Online Pharmacies
   - Gambling / Betting

Sample Config File:
   rpcpassword=your password

Block Explorer:
   To Be Announced

Available Wallets:
   Linux (32-bit):
   Android: To Be Announced

Trading Exchange(s):
   To be Announced

Mining Pool(s):

   To be Announced


Social Media:


Useful Links:
   How to CPU Mine X11:
   Guide to Mining X11 Coins:
   CPU Miner (MinerD):


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