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Author Topic: [ANN][ICO] VEGAWALLET - PAY WITH CRYPTOCURRENCY ANYWHERE! Point-Of-Sale & App  (Read 278 times)


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The Complete Cryptocurrency Platform!

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*Apologies! Previous Thread Was Deleted, We have updated our information!*

Public Token Sale Begins September 17th, 2018 -> Ends on December 6th, 2018

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are in their infancy stages and promise to reshape the way finances are spent and transferred globally. The invention and implementation of new processes, services and products will bring these ideas mainstream and will eventually replace money as we know it today. Although buying and exchanging cryptocurrency for personal spending and asset trading is becoming easier it is still in need of several significant improvements.

The VegaWallet platform provides a complete solution. The project comes in several phases with answers to each problem mapped out along the way.

VegaWallet Platform
Our Wallet, Exchange and VegaPay provide a complete and secure solution to streamline a customer’s crypto journey. No other company offers a solution to identified problems as thorough and all encompassing as VegaWallet does. VegaWallet integrates the latest security technology and focuses on maintaining a clean user interface.

VegaPay and Point of Sale
An advanced payment gateway for paying with crypto anywhere and anytime, even at places or websites that do not yet accept cryptocurrency. This will be further supported by a Point of Sale Systems which will allow every business from small mom and pop shops to huge internet retailers to incorporate the use of cryptocurrency without any significant fees. Customers of these shops will even be able to buy cryptocurrency at check-out with traditoinal payment methods.

VGW Token (Based on ERC-20)
Our native VegaWallet Token allows for lower fees and faster transfer times. This technology combined with our advanced platform will allow effortless movement of cryptocurrency for customers to maximize opportunities and profit. The VGW token will also be the backbone of our Loyalty and Rewards Program and Point of Sale System.

Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange
VegaWallet employs military grade tested server security along with our state of the art exchange technology to deliver a simple and safe to use cryptocurrency exchange. Our first trading pairs offered include BTC, LTC, ETH, and VGW. We will be listing tokens in increments beginning right after launch and our “List-A-Coin” program will allow new tokens to apply for listing on our exchange. VegaWallet will also hold public votes for exchange listings and remain completely transparent with our listing policies.

Secure Digital Asset Wallet
Version 1.0 has full support for BTC, LTC, ETH, and VGW. The Wallet displays real time price updates and logs all account data and history for users to easily keep track of their funds. Options for Sending and Receiving (and Exchanging) are built into the Application. The Application will be available for download shortly on the App Store and Google Play.

Background Technologies
Multi Signature P2SH Account Security
HDBIP32 Financial Privacy Measure
Google, E-mail, and SMS Two Factor Authentication
Biometric Authentication (Updates)

Do you own a business? Vegawallet has created a reliable Point of Sale System where payments can be made in cash, credit, or cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, ETH, and our own VGW Token! We make running your business easy with our back-office options including:

Extensive Payment Coverage
Accept Cash, Credit, Debit, and Many Major Cryptocurrencies!

Rewards and Loyalty Programs
Offer Cryptocurrency based loyalty programs to your customers!

Cryptocurrency Payroll
Offer to pay a percentage of your employee’s payroll in cryptocurrency! Studies show that this will boost crypto adoption and promote everyday spending of digital assets.

Business Metrics
Keep track of your progress and monitor sales, transactions, traffic, audit history and more!

Sell Cryptocurrency Right in Store!
Businesses can now make a commission off selling cryptocurrency from the VegaWallet Exchange or you can even sell straight from your Enterprise wallet to customers in your store at check out! This technology works just like a gift card!

Advanced Payment Terminals
In Addition to our free software VegaWallet has teamed up with a payment processor to bring you the option to incorporate the PAX A920 Android Powered Smart Terminal to your business. This terminal is perfect for any small business and can run off of 4G/Wifi/or Bluetooth. Information on credit processing rates and terminal leasing will be available upon request shortly! (This service is currently only available for U.S. based businesses)


We then introduce VegaPay, now users can go spend their cryptocurrency ANYWHERE!
Our system automatically does the switch from crypto to fiat for you right at the payment terminal! Just show up at your favorite store, get that new shiny watch you wanted, Click on VegaPay and scan your phone at the terminal! Modern Smartphone enabled NFC technology makes all of this possible.

(Full Breakdown of VegaPay Process in White Paper)

Token code     VGW
Launch Price1 ETH = 1250 VGW
VGW Total Supply200,000,000
Token Sale Amount120,000,000
Unsold TokensLocked for Future
Payment currenciesBTC, LTC, ETH, Credit Card
Soft cap*3,500,000 USD
Hard cap*40,000,000 USD

*Soft and Hard Cap were developed at ETH price of ~$600. VegaWallet reserves the right to hold a vote of investors to change the soft and hard cap before the end of Phase 3 of our Public Sale. All prior acknowledgement of this statement is included in our white paper. VegaWallet’s Exchange and Mobile App are already developed and will be brought to the market independently of the public sale success. Full funding and finance breakdown is included in our white paper for public viewing! All Founders tokens will be locked for increments of 3 and 9 months after our Public Sale ends.


Deposits start December 10th, Trading starts on December 12th

Users can also purchase VGW Tokens during our ICO on the LAToken platform as well!

VegaWallet Exchange
Featured as our Main Trading Pair – Provides 50% Discounts!

VegaWallet has partnered with several companies to improve functionality of our platform and to further reach our goal of mass adoption!

(Sponsoring Company)

(Payment Terminals & Fiat Payment Processing)

(Background API’s)

(Healthcare Payments)

Antier Solutions
(Software Development)

(Token Sales)

Tarek Hajri
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jacob Ballou
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Dea Belazi
Board Member / Lead Business Advisor

Bill Oldham
Board Member / Lead Business Advisor

View Our Full Team in our White Paper!

Website | Telegram | Medium | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Reddit | ICOBench

Our Announcement thread serves as a peak into our platform as a whole, If you are interested in VegaWallet please go read our white paper and do your own research! You can contact our team by emailing: [email protected]
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VegaWallet in the News

VegaWallet to Bring Comprehensive Crypto Platform to Expand Banking Services

VegaWallet Announces All in One Payment Platform, Token Sale Launched

LATOKEN lists @VegaWallet token sale (#VGW)
VegaWallet provides a cold and hot storage wallet, simple exchange, point of sale system, and NFC mobile payment solution.
More on project:

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The VegaWallet Token Sale has officially ended! We are proud to announce we have met soft cap with the allocation of more than 105,500,000 VGW Tokens. Please Read The Following For Detailed Information

More Detailed Information on Funds Raised and Further Development Will Be Released After Our Internal Audit!


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