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Author Topic: [ANN]💲💲[AIRDROP]TokenDEX Exchange - Hybrid-decentralized[ICO] 💲💲[DEX]  (Read 196 times)


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  • Introducing TokenDex

    A Peer-to-peer decentralized trading platform for Ether and Ethereum-based tokens. A decentralized exchange where you dont need to deposit your tokens or create an account - trade ERC20 tokens directly from your wallet.

    We are now seeing the emergence of a new wave of disruptive technologies that will again change the balance of power. It is no surprise to the educated observer that blockchain technologies will disrupt every industry, as we are already seeing trends in banking, law, healthcare, government — just to name a few. Innovators are realizing the benefits that blockchain technologies introduce like security, transparency, increased speed and reduce reliance on central authority.

    What may be unexpected is that some innovations on the Ethereum blockchain promise to disrupt the very innovators that blazed the early Ethereum trail. The Řx Project are protocols that fundamentally redefine what is possible in the cryptocurrencies trading market. Focused on ERC-20 compliant tokens, these protocols enable true peer-to-peer exchange, entirely removing the need for a trader to risk valuable assets by depositing them with a centralized exchange that could get hacked, be shut down, cause panic runs, or simply steal them.


    GET 2500 TokenDEX token. Airdrop will close once participants is 5k.

    Follow this link for Airdrop and submit proof of participation on this thread:

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    #Proof Of Participantion
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