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Author Topic: 🚀🚀[Ico]Airdrop][Giveaways] 35,000 TreT each person for 5000 participants 🚀🚀  (Read 341 times)


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Tourist ReviewTRET Tourist
Introducing a new plarform service in which users can share their traveling experiences.

Tourist Review is airdropping 35,000 TRET to max 5,000 participants and 20,000 TRET for a referral. Participate in our exclusive airdrop and complete all the required tasks to receive the tokens

Step-by-Step Guide

1⃣Join Tourist Review on
Telegram group

2⃣Follow Tourist Review on Twitter
- Like + Retweet this post on Twitter
3⃣Follow Tourist Review on Facebook
- Like + Share this post on Facebook
4⃣Comment on Bitcointalk post according to the format below+5,000 TRET(optional)
5⃣Fill out the airdrop form below with your details.

Guess Game (10Million TRET Price) Tourist Review

Guess Game
What is inside the BOX?
Clue: This thing is really needed when you travel.
Correct Answer will receive 10 Million TRET.
Take Note: Whoever submits first the correct answer will receive the 10,000,000 TRET rewards.

What is inside the BOX?

1⃣ Must join Telegram Group
2⃣. Must follow Twitter
3⃣ Must like and share this pinned Tweet and tag 5 friends:
4⃣. Must follow Facebook page
5⃣ Must like and share pinned post and mention or tag 5 friends:
6⃣ Clone or fake accounts will not be qualified for the prize.

7⃣Fill up this form

Token Details
The total supply of TRET is 20,000,000,000 tokens, which 70% of tokens will be put for sale. Any unsold token will be burned. After ICO, no more TRET will be generated in any ways. Founder’s, Dev’s, and Advisor’s wallets will be locked for fixed period of time as stated in the White Paper.

Token name: Tourist Review
Symbol: Tret
 Decimal: 8
 Type: ERC20
Total supply: 20billion
contract address: 0xc6d603a9df53d1542552058c382bf115aace70c7
Softcap: 250Eth
Hardcap: 700eth

Public Sale: 28 October
Min. Purchase: 0.01
For gas info: ETH Gas Station
Public Sale Ends: 11 November
Initial Value: 1 TRET = 0.00000005 ETH
Number of tokens for sale: TRET (70%)
ANY unsold tokens will be burned.
How to buy  Tret?
Send this contract: 0xc6d603a9df53d1542552058c382bf115aace70c7

1⃣0.01Eth = 200,000 Tret
2⃣0.05eth = 1million Tret
3⃣0.1eth   =  2million Tret
4⃣0.5eth = 10million Tret

Implementation Sheet

May 2018
Tourist Review
Platform idea

July 2018
Technical & strategy

October 2018
-Public Sale-
-Icobench Listing-
-Official Web Release-
-Airdrop Token-
-White Paper Release-

Live Now

November 2018
-Exchange Listing-
-Coinmarketcap Apply-

December 2018
Release of MVP site
Demo version

February 2019
Software development kit
for integrations

May 2019
Mobile apps for
iOS & Android

What is Tourist Review

Tourist Review is a blockchain-based evaluation platform for traveling and food lovers combined with a smart contract that connects those who experience the cryptocurrency, creating the environment in which the users can search for a place or a dish quickly, thanks to Tourist Review’s Ecosystem.

It is possible to connect and reward users through cryptocurrency (TRET). And users can realize the benefits of using those token for traveling and foods in worldwide.

Users can use tokens to pay for the service’s owners through the publisher’s mobile app and website. Users of cross-border travel services will not need to convert to local currencies in a time-consuming and difficult way, but only need to pay with TRET.

Further more, travelers are rewarded some tokens from Tourist Review via writing reviews about services they have experienced.

Connecting traveling with blockchain technology is an inevitability. Because we need to discover providers with good quality of service, the evaluators are tourists and locals.

These reviews are more genuine and accurate than those from paid advertising or traveling agencies. If a service gets highly rated by our users, it will be beneficial to the owner.

Tourist Review’s network is constantly updated with information (optimizing information and review quality). New content is updated regularly on the community’s reviewing page.

More and more people are looking for product reviews before purchasing. By getting rated on Tourist Review, their services have a better chance of generating new customers.

follow us

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Tourist Review Global congratulations to our winne first winnerr from our GUESS game: Thelma F Bathan
You have won 10,000,000🎁 TRET  from our TOURIST REVIEW  !

Here the Spreadsheet Guess game:

Here is the proof:

Thanks to everyone who participated! We will have a new GUESS GAME CONTEST  upcoming 😊

CryptoMoon Chaser Promotion Team


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Touristreview partnership with
HYDROGEN is now officially Announced

Check HYDROGEN Twitter

Buy more TRET NOW


Hydro is our partnership and we will integrate Hydro into our upcoming travel review platform.
📌Check it here:

Initially our ICO will end on November 11th. But due to the delay of the important partnership, we’ve decided to extend our ICO until November 18th. This extention provides more chance and time for our investors, as well as to finalize our big partnership.

Furthermore , after re-calculate our cost of business, we have lowered ICO Softcap to 200 ETH. We are currently applying for Mercatox as first exchange. Listing fee will be paid once SC is reached.

Finally, we will update the white paper today, which has better implementation of our visions and strategies.

Thank you for your supports and please looking forward to our big announcement soon.

How many TRET?
0.01eth = 160,000 TRET
0.1eth= 1,600,000 TRET
1eth = 16,000,000 TRET





** Please send ETH to this contract:

Public Sale: 28 October
Min. Purchase: 0.01
For gas info: ETH Gas Station
🕒Public Sale Ends: 18 November

Initial Value (Round 2):
1 TRET = 0.0000000625 ETH

Number of tokens for sale: TRET (70%)

🕛Softcap : 200ETH
🕒Hardcap: 700ETH

ANY unsold tokens will be burned.

📌For more info. visit their website:

📌Check out ICO progress at:


Subscribe now and be the first to find about our latest products!

2⃣White paper:


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Good News!!!
We already paid Mercatox fee listing from eth fund raised with tx hash: Tret will be list within 2-6 days! Good day everyone.

👍We are pleased to announce that Mr. Jasin Ajrulla - CEO & Founder of Globex will become an advisor of Tourist Review Global starting today!


👍104ETH already collected


Good News
Bonus promo from today till end ico (18/11):
Buy >=1 eth + 10 % bonus
Buy >= 5 eth + 20 % bonus
Bonus will be send to you within 24 hours!

** just send ETH to this contract:

Public Sale: 28 October
Min. Purchase: 0.01
For gas info: ETH Gas Station
🕒Public Sale Ends: 18 November

Initial Value (Round 2):
1 TRET = 0.0000000625 ETH

Number of tokens for sale: 👉 TRET (70%)

👉🕛Softcap : 200ETH
👉🕒Hardcap: 700ETH

👉ANY unsold tokens will be burned. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


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