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Author Topic: Introducing Tokens – Your Virtual Companions in the ALAX App Store  (Read 157 times)


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  • Introducing Tokens – Your Virtual Companions in the ALAX App Store:

    ALAX, is a Mobile Game Distribution Platform, based on blockchain technology, which is set to transform the gaming industry around the world. Project is a joint venture between DECENT (blockchain technology company) and Dragonfly (game distribution platform) which aims to provide a platform for content creators and gamers alike, including ‘unbanked’ consumers in emerging markets. The ALAX partnership means DECENT’s proprietary blockchain technology will have potential to reach out to Dragonfly’s 100 million active users.

    ALAX implements a 2 token model on their platform, each of which has its own set of functions – ALA and ALX tokens. Why has ALAX chosen to implement a two token model?

    “Well, this choice was quite easy for us, since we wanted to be fair towards both the developer and the end user. By having two tokens we are providing a fixed value, meaning the developer gets the amount that the end user paid for the content. Therefore both sides are mutually satisfied.“ said Matej Michalko, Co-founder of ALAX....

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