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Author Topic: Listed for NAIB (Milk Coin) of Pancakeswap, what is the news on BitOffer?  (Read 26 times)


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Today, I am shopping and pushing, and I paid attention to a decentralized extremely fast deflationary currency NAIB (milk currency) based on the bsc ecological chain.

Naivete(NAIB)is a MEME culture of NFT, to inject nourishment into this distorted currency speculation culture and restore the simplest and purest blockchain world. The NAIB combined NFT plus Blind box plus deflation mode. The total value is 1000 billion. 5% airdrop and the rest of 95% is to add liquidity to all.

However, the team project information related to NAIB and the investment organization behind it were not found, which is an early project with high risk. But I think the project is a bit novel and interesting, MEME cultural concept + NFT + blind box + deflation mode, you can participate in a little bit, and zeroing will not affect your mentality. It should not be carried out. After all, it is a high-risk early project.

Simply talk about the NAIB process:

一. Download Math Wallet and create bep20 (Binance Ecological Chain) wallet

二. Buy BNB on Binance or Matcha Exchange, withdraw and transfer to bep20 wallet

(The first two steps will not be discussed in detail, but the third step will be emphasized)

三. Purchase NAIB at Pancakeswap of Maizi Wallet (there is on the contract address)

1. Find and enter Pancakeswap in the "application" of Maizi Wallet, as shown in the figure below, click the upper left corner to enter the EXchange transaction

2. Enter the following page, click the drop-down box to directly enter the naib contract address, and then display the real-time exchange ratio, and finally exchange it (remember to set a higher slippage at the end, it is recommended to set it to 20%)

I emphasized that this type of project is a high-risk early project. This article belongs to my personal opinion and is not for reference as investment advice. There are risks in the currency circle and investment needs to be cautious.

Finally, in order to facilitate the study and exchange of coin lovers, the "DeFi Intelligence Bureau" community was formed, focusing on high-quality DeFi content, tapping potential projects as soon as possible, and sharing high-quality projects in each section in the group every day. Interested friends can scan the QR code to enter the group, and those who have questions can find communication and discussion.

For more details, get on BitOffer.


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