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Author Topic: StabilityShares is Now PoS-RARE-Only 7.5 Million Coins + PoS!!  (Read 5393 times)


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Launch Date/Re-Launch Date
February 27, 2014/April 15 2014

StabilityShares is moving to Proof of Stake

We have a really exciting announcement.  StabilityShares is switching to PoS!

A poll was posted a couple days after the re-launch on April 15th, and it became very obvious the community supported switching to a PoS algorithm.

A lot of internal discussion took place to come up with a viable solution that would satisfy investors and miners alike.  StabilityShares will utilize a hybrid system that will have ½ the coins mined through PoW, and the remaining 1/2 will be accrued through PoS.

Starting on Monday, May 12th our community will have 7 days to send their coins to the Bittrex exchange to swap the old version of XSS for the new version, XSI. 

On May 19th Bittrex will swap the old coin for the new coin, and at that point in time we will release the new wallet.  Mining will continue for 2 weeks until we reach 7.5 million coins. 

The PoS stage will begin once we reach 7.5 million coins and 3% interest will accrue until we reach 15 million coins.  This process will take approximately 30 years.

No premine will be used for development, bounties, or any other reason.  This is the coin for the community.

I have included some images of the new wallet, and mining curve.

•   Gambling/Dice Site
•   Tip Bot
•   Faucet
•   Apps
•   Android Wallet
•   Added Merchants
•   Blogs/Articles

•   Algorithm: Scrypt
•   Total amount of coins: 15,000,000 after 30 years
•   Hyperbolic Reward Curve

Block Rewards
•   Block time: 1.5 minutes
•   Total amount of PoW blocks: 13,440, this will amount to 14 days for total of 7.5 million coins
•   The first 100 blocks will have a lower reward of 10 coins per block, for starting the network fairly
•   Difficulty re-target: every block
•   Nominal stake interest: 3% annually
•   Min transaction fee: 0.0001 XSI
•   Fees are paid to miners
•   Confirmations: 10, maturity: 40
•   Min stake age: 12 hours, no max age
•   P2P port: 7714, RPC port: 7715

Conf file
We have added seednodes to StabilityShares, you no longer need to addnode in the .conf file. You can choose to leave your existing addnode= in stabilitycoins.conf, or remove them for cleanliness.

Old XSS wallets below
•   XSS Windows
•   XSS Linux
•   XSS Sourcecode on GitHub

New XSI wallets will be released next week after coin swap on Bittrex.

Existing XSS pools

XSI pools available after launch

XSS P2P Pool   
USER: your_wallet_address
PASS: 123


We are looking for members of the community that interested in joining the team short or long-term to help forward the plight of Stability Shares.

Please contact us if you have any of the following skill-sets.  We will discuss compensation privately.

•   Social Media Marketing
•   Coin Development
•   Website Development
•   Design

We want to reach a wide audience inside and outside the crypto-community.  Getting publicity through mentions/reviews in popular websites and blogs can help further our coin.


1. Write at least 300 words about XSI
2. Include a link to our website and Twitter
3. Email [email protected] or pm us with a link to your article.
4. Provide your wallet address
5. Enjoy XSI Smiley

We are in the process of adding merchants.  Merchant adoption will be an essential part of growing Stability Shares. 

If you have a business and would like to accept Stability Shares please contact us @ [email protected]


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  • Re: StabilityShares is Now PoS-RARE-Only 7.5 Million Coins + PoS!!
    « Reply #1 on: May 13, 2014, 06:38:46 PM »
    Thanks for letting us now. Just sent my XSS to Bittrex to get the new XSI...
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    Re: StabilityShares is Now PoS-RARE-Only 7.5 Million Coins + PoS!!
    « Reply #2 on: May 13, 2014, 06:42:37 PM »
    I want to highlight the opportunity that will be coming next week after the PoW StabilityShares are swapped for the PoS version on Bittrex next Monday.

    We will release the new wallet and source code, and for two weeks you will be able to mine StabilityShares until we reach 7.5 million coins (very limited quantity in crypto).

    As you can see by the graph below, the difficulty will be extremely low the 1st several days, leading to a very high difficulty on the 14th and final day.

    Mining StabilityShares is about to get much easier for a few days, and then progressively more difficult. Now is the time to get on-board, before all the mining is done, and only interest on the coins in your wallet is accrued.


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