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Author Topic: CMDbit - A command line designed dice game!  (Read 797 times)


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CMDbit - A command line designed dice game!
« on: September 07, 2015, 12:49:36 PM »

CMDbit is a new fresh made simple dice game with an unique design as a command line terminal. Powered by MoneyPot's api & bankroll, CMDbit gives many features to the players such as
 - A full client sided application with no loading time
 - A huge bankroll
 - A faucet to try out the game for free
 - An autobet system
 - Using the moneypot's provably fair bets All games can be verified on<game ID here>
 - 1% house edge

For the users that actually never used a console/terminal before, this might be confusing. In fact, the game is controlled by commands. A full help and detailed descriptions of the commands is available.
In order to play the game, you will need a Moneypot account. The registration takes less than 5 minutes to complete.
Take note that the currency is in Bits.
(1 bit = 100 satoshi = 0.00000100 btc)

Send the user to the connection page then sends him back to the game, connected to their moneypot account.

Requires to be connected. Returns the user's username & balance (in bits).

Opens the deposit form windows allowing the player to deposit an amount of bits into their balance on the game.

Requires to be connected. Opens the ReCaptcha that, once completed, gives 2 bits to the user's balance. 5 Minutes of intervals for each faucet call.

Open the withdraw form window allowing the player to withdraw an amount of bits into their Moneypot's wallet. The user will be able to whithdraw from their Moneypot's wallet to their own wallet at any time.

Requires to be connected. Place a dice bet.
This command needs those parameters: -b <int> -p <float> -c <string> [-a <float>]

Tells the player the % of chance he have to get a given multiplier.
This command needs those parameters: <float>

Reconnect the user in order to refresh the player's token.

Gives the player the list of all available commands.
Plus, you can use help <cmd> (replacing <cmd> with one of the commands to get their description.)

How to place a bet?
I know this might be confusing but I will try to explain it as clear as I can!
You first need to be connected. Then, you can use the command: bet -b <int> -p <float> -c <string> [-a <float>]
Here's the description of each parameters:
 -b is the amount of bet. Must be an integer. Example of use: -b 5
 -p is the payout (multiplier). Must be a float. Example of use: -p 1.5
 -c is the condition. (roll high or low) Must be one of these: < , > , low , high. Example of use: -c > or -c high
 -a is the autobet option. This is optional. Warning: If you use the -a parameter, this will activate the autobet.
             This is the % represented in float the bet increasing on loss. Must be a float. Example of use: -a 1.06 (Will starts the autobet adding 6% from the last bet if it was a loss.)

Complete examples of a bet command:
   bet -b 1 -p 5 -c > -a 1.3   (Will bet 1 bit on 5.00x multiplier rolling high with autobetting, +30% from last loss)
   bet -b 1 -p 1.5 -c <  (Will bet 1 bit on 1.1x multiplier rolling low)

How to stop the auto betting?
You have 2 choices.
 1- Refresh the page.
 2- Type the command: stop

More info
So, this is my first release using Moneypot's api. If you have any idea on how I could improve to game, plz let me know, I'd be glad to hear your ideas!
I'd also like to get the reports of any bugs found.
The multi-account is allowed. There's no real rules in fact...

If you need any clarification on the commands, don't hesitate to ask!

Thanks! Hope you like the game!



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