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Author Topic: Flappybit - Provably fair remake of luckybit!  (Read 880 times)


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Flappybit - Provably fair remake of luckybit!
« on: August 23, 2015, 01:56:48 PM »

Flappybit was a small project that I made to test my acknowledge regarding Javascript & NodeJS.
Today, I'm glad to introduce to you my creation: FlappyBit. A quick remake of LuckyBit.
FlappyBit gives you almost all features that LuckyBit has.
The game is pretty simple for those who never played LuckyBit before; A main bet btc address is given to everyone that allows you to bet the amount of btc of you choice inside a defined limits that are shown on the web page.
When you send your bet to that address, a coin will automatically appear on the game when the transaction reach at least 1 confirmation and will start to drop in a complete random path to the bottom.
Once that coin has reach a multiplier, you bet total amount will be multiplied and the result of that multiplier will be sent back to you in no delay.
For example, if you bet 0.0005 btc and reach a x2.0 multiplier, 0.001 btc will be sent back to you.
Keep in mind that 1 transaction will be processed as 1 bet and the first input address (sender) will receive the reward.

This is a gambling game which is really simple.
Website's url:
A bet address is given on the main page, all you have to do is to send bitcoins to this address. (The bet amount must be inside of the bets limits)
Once the coin reach a multiplier, you will receive the reward of that multiplier in no delay.
If you have any questions, a chat has been set on the game so the players can talk with each others or ask questions to the mods.
Current house edge: 1.00%

Chat rules:
  • Use a short & readable username
  • Do not use your bitcoin address as username
  • Harassment of any kind is not tolerated
  • Do not Spam
  • Don't post your bitcoin address unless someone explicitly ask for it
  • Do not share any private informations about someone(including you)
Game rules:
  • Do not send bets over or under the limits
  • Please report any bug to the mods

The game is now provably fair.
Here's how it works:
Sent : 0.0005 (0.0001 fee)
Won : x1.2 (0.0005 + 0.0001 = 0.0006 (- fees = 0.0005) )

Sent proof:

According to the provably fair: <block_hash>:<tx_hash>:<btc_address>

Gives this sha256:

Last 4 Hexadecimal ( f8ef ) converted to binary:
1111 1000 1110 1111

The last 14 integers from the binary gives the coin's path. In this case, (0 means drops on left, 1 drops on right): x1.2

Received proof:

The game is in a Beta mode.
I would like to thank every one that shown interest into this little project and I hope it will go far.
For now, every bet's result that are higher than our wallet's balance, will be directly sent back to the senders with fees paid on our side to apologies for this.
We will try to keep our wallet filled as much as possible to gives you guys the best gambling experience ever!

Thank you again, and hope to see you on FlappyBit!

Main developer: Dexon Noxed ( )

Feel free to give your feed back and ideas!


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