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Author Topic: Blockchain Day Netherlands | 29 September 2018 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands  (Read 287 times)


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  • Blockchain Day Netherlands | 29 September 2018 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Event Website:

    Blockchain Day Netherlands, created by Amazing Event Machine, will provide a unique space that can host a unique experience where invitees can understand, learn and experience the future together with 200+ handpicked key players from startups to CEO’s, from government decision makers to leading blockchain entrepreneurs, from investors to scientists and politicians.   We will dive into the future of trust, crystalize a collective understanding towards clear use cases and pre-sort for a whole new season of building prototypes and doing business.

    During one day of hard work you will learn about the impact that blockchain have specifically on you. You will figure out your role in the ecosystem, find out what you can do and how, and you will make useful connections and actually pre-seed to do business.

    Featured discussion

    - Regulatory Threats & Opportunities
    - Blockchain and the Future of Banking
    - Proof of Concept
    - Impact of Blockchain Technology in Private and Public Sector
    - Benefits of Smart Contracts

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