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Author Topic: ICO Press Release distribution to 300 plus news sites including google news site  (Read 585 times)


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I will write you a compelling, fun to read press release using standard PR guidelines. If you wish to announce a launch (Product/Services/Events/Book, Music, Game, App Releases, ICOs press releases etc )
What I Offer You?*

A concise, well-written press release.
Massive SEO distribution
You see the Copy of Press Release before the Press Release Distribution.
Targeted And Regional Distribution
Check and Distribute your own press release.

Premium Distribution: I'll write and distribute to premium media portals, Standard Portals, FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC affiliate channels, Digital Journal [500+ portals]

Google news Indexed guaranteed!

1000-1500 Backlinks Guaranteed!

Contact me through
Telegram Username: @cryptowilie
Skype: @ngariwilson30
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
 Order from fiverr:


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I am interested in your service. Tell me please if you are still doing this promotion for people. I have created a site with my production and I would like to promote it, in order to get traffic on it. I would also a need some advises, because I have bought a good and verified GSA Link List, which is going to boost my site too. Leave me a message please.


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Hello sir. I am glad you responded to this service. I am still the owner of the post this is my account. I still provide this service which is great for building high quality backlinks hence increase google rankings and traffic. I will give you a good service. Contact me via email? [email protected] or Telegram my username is @icopapers

I am waiting for your reply


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