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Author Topic: Vincent Briatore: YouTube Cryptocurrency Scammer BEWARE!  (Read 897 times)


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Vincent Briatore: YouTube Cryptocurrency Scammer BEWARE!
« on: July 10, 2018, 11:20:57 AM »
I contacted Vincent Briatore in February to help with the marketing of an ICO I was running. I asked him to do a video review of my real estate ICO.

After a few emails back and fourth we agreed on 0.32 BTC for a single review video.

I sent him the BTC and things went downhill from there.

There was no sign of the video and he was not responding to emails. Eventually I was able to get hold of him via social media and he then started responding to my emails under a different email address claiming I had been scamming by someone else.

I had been scammed alright, but not by someone else!

Vincent Briatore claimed the email I contacted was of someone impersonating him. When I contracted him and told him I originally contacted him via his social media and also had a screenshot of his facebook account posting the email address, he become hostile.

He uploaded a post on Steemit claiming all sorts of nonsense and slandering my ICO!!!
He threatened my wife, kids and business if I dared do anything to get my money back.
To quote him... he “is a lose canon” and “I will have the pleasure of meeting him in person”.


If you are running an ICO, do not ask this YouTuber to review it and certainly do not send him any money for any paid marketing or advertising services.

Please learn from my lesson and avoid Vincent Briatore like the plague. He's a scammer pure and simple!!


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