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Author Topic: Raspberry Pi Model B+  (Read 717 times)


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Raspberry Pi Model B+
« on: July 08, 2015, 05:10:57 PM »
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Description :

The Model B+ is the final revision of the original Raspberry Pi. It replaced the Model B in July 2014.

    Broadcom SoC running at 700MHz (can be overclocked)
    RAM, 512MB soldered on top of the Broadcom chip

    More GPIO. The GPIO header has grown to 40 pins, while retaining the same pinout for the first 26 pins as the Model A and B.
    More USB. We now have 4 USB 2.0 ports, compared to 2 on the Model B, and better hotplug and overcurrent behaviour.
    Micro SD. The old friction-fit SD card socket has been replaced with a much nicer push-push micro SD version.
    Lower power consumption. By replacing linear regulators with switching ones we’ve reduced power consumption by between 0.5W and 1W.
    Better audio. The audio circuit incorporates a dedicated low-noise power supply.
    Neater form factor. We’ve aligned the USB connectors with the board edge, moved composite video onto the 3.5mm jack, and added four squarely-placed mounting holes.

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