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Author Topic: [ANN][Token Pre Sale][VITO] Make your cryptocurrency payments from anywhere  (Read 3830 times)


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VISO: Frequently Asked Questions
In this post we decided to answer few frequently asked questions.


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[ANN] [ICO] VISO - Make Cryptocurrency Payments Easier
« Reply #31 on: March 04, 2018, 12:13:21 PM »
VISO? What is That?
Hello Everyone, nice to meet you and happy weekend (not for me ✌). On this time the cryptocurrency is very needed in the life. Many people always say about Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. But crypto is not only about Bitcoin or Ethereum. Example, if you can check on or other forum cryptocurrency, you will find the new cryptocurrencies everyday with various kinds of Vision and Mision. So in the future cryptocurrencies will needed for all people, but not all countries accept it. VISO will come with aim for change cryptocurrency services are to become an everyday payment method for an entire nation and starting from Georgia. That is why all poeople on the world must know about VISO.
So what is VISO? I will try to give simple explained for you. VISO come with a full-cycle payment system powered by the combined technologies of point-of-sale payments acceptance, regular currency payments and purchases, and cryptocurrency payment cards. By that, VISO will resolves many trouble of sale by letting points of sale take cryptocurrency as payment without breaking the laws banning direct sales of goods and services for cryptocurrency.

With using a special wallet technology and by taking advantage of the physical presence of payment terminals at points of sale, VISO will make instant transactions at points of sale and will handle the problem of payment system. Very FAST and INSTANT.  Do you understand? Yes, i mean VISO is solution for make cryptocurrency payments easier. ❤

So how about my explanation? still not enough? You can follow Official Twitter @VISOpayments for the news and visit Official Website VISO on  and you can join with this project too. (WOW ✌ its a cute) you must Register from now! ☺

Or you want ask about VISO and Disscuss about that? Yeah, you can do it, only join with Offical Telegram Group VISO you can disscuss about that. So come on Join with our people from now (Yes me too✌). Join now  and participate with VISO for give solution of payments system for all nation.

No Reason, But im only share my experienced ;) 

Regards, Riyadi AKA @riyadisanv ✌

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Re: [ANN][Token Pre Sale][VITO] Make your cryptocurrency payments from anywhere
« Reply #32 on: February 08, 2022, 02:17:45 PM »
Is the pre-sale still active ?


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