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Author Topic: Telegram Channel for Crypto Signals  (Read 21 times)


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Telegram Channel for Crypto Signals
« on: June 02, 2018, 09:27:53 PM »
I can recommend one of the best channel for Crypto signals . I joined them nearly six month back and extremely happy with their calls and guidance.

Their channel is relatively new but they are professional traders and I never lose my investment since I joined this channel. Relatively they post less signals in public channel but whatever they post its always beneficial.

Team Introduction

Crypto Pro Trader consist of a team of four traders from Europe and Middle East. Two of them are full-time traders and into crypto currency and stocks since more than five years while other two are part time traders.

— Insider information
 — Top picks in crypto coins
 — Coin buy recommendation for short-mid-long term trading
 — Hidden gems recommendations
 — Buying/sell strategies
 — Chat room with dedicated support (Premium only)
 — Market updates
 — Portfolio Management
 — One-to-One Support
 — ICOs Recommendation

Profit Overview
April 2018

4000+ % Premium Channel Profit in April 2018
 YOYO: 300 %
 GTO: 310%
 ZIL: 300%

May 2018

2022+ % Premium Channel Profit in April 2018
 STQ: 870%
EZTOKEN: +100%
POLY: 140%
GRS: 120%

How to Join

Public Channel Link:
 Admin Telegram ID (Emi) : @Experts_crypto
 Email ID: [email protected]
Referral Link: You can give reference of Kim to claim some discount on premium channel fees.
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