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Author Topic: Digitalcoin Poker - Low Rake - Fast Deposits!! -  (Read 838 times)


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We are proud to announce the opening of Digitalcoin Poker! You can find our site, along with all of the information you could need about the site at

We boast having one of the lowest rakes around with our Ring Games set at just 1.75%!!

Also we have a free tournament going on once per week that gives everyone the chance to win 250 Digitalcoins just for playing (0 DGC buy in!)

Once per day we have a mini-tournament at 8pm EST. 10 Digitalcoin buy-in with 50 Digitalcoin guaranteed prizes (maybe more depending on the amount of people playing!)

Right now we have 6 different options for play available for all different kinds of players:

  • Limit Texas Holdem 0.05/0.1 DGC Blinds
  • No Limit Texas Holdem 0.05/0.1 DGC Blinds
  • Limit Texas Holdem 1/2 DGC Blinds
  • No Limit Texas Holdem 1/2 DGC Blinds
  • Limit Omaha 0.05/0.1 DGC Blinds
  • Limit Omaha 1/2 DGC Blinds

Once the site has grown in size and more tables/types of games are in demand, we will add them! So check back with us often.

The poker client is very fast, set on its own dedicated server, and is programmed in one of the best languages that could be used for an online poker client, Delphi.

Make sure you check out the site for information on how to purchase/get free Digitalcoins!

Stay tuned, we will be releasing multiple updates over the coming weeks! We will not be satisfied until DGC Poker is the #1 Poker Site on the internet!

So come over to and have a ton of fun with us! If you have any issues, questions, or need to contact us, please email us at [email protected] or come onto the site and click on the chat tab.

Can't wait to see you there guys and girls!


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