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Author Topic: MontBlanc [MBLC]|HIGH ROI|Tiered Masternodes|PoS|MontPay system|🚀  (Read 353 times)


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Mont Blanc is a modern cryptocurrency with a latest security features
We offer an innovative tier masternode system with the high rewards
Our main goal is to introduce blockchain technology in ski resorts around the world

MontPay System
Modern GUI
Instant Transactions

• Coin Ticker: MBLC
• Coin Name: Mont Blanc
• Coin Type: POS/MN
• PoS Percentage: 30% per year
• PoS Mature Time: 24 hours
• PoS Reward: dynamic from 2 to 3.2 coins
• Tiers start: from 5000 block
• Algorithm: Scrypt
• Block Time: 60 Seconds
• Total Coin Supply: 70 000 000

Dev premine: 1.71%, Presale and bounty: 1.13%, MontCard fund: 1.73% (This fund will be using for producing MontCards with prepaid balance)

Reward system

MontPay system is our main feature. It consists of MontCard, MontTerminal and MontWallet.
You will be able to order MontCard on our website or buy it at the partner-points that accept payment.
MontTerminals will be installed at the places of equipment rental and at cable lifts in the partner ski resorts.
The card is used to pay for rent a cable cars, snowboards and etc at ski resorts.
After buying a MontCard, you can top it up through your GUI Wallet.
So you can use MBLC to make your life easier and trip more pleasant!
Drive to your favourite skiing resort and allow us to take care of every payment you make.
Our technology will help you to relax in your holidays and you always have control over your private money.
Our main aim is to implement blockchain technology in ski resorts!

June 2018
Coin launch
Wallets release

End of june 2018
Exchanges fast listing fast listing

July-august 2018
Mac wallet release
Website redesign

Q4 2018
Whitepaper release
Android wallet app release listing
Updating wallets

Q1 2019
MontCard alfa release
MontTerminal alfa release
Wallet functional update
Huge marketing company

Q2 2019
Meeting with parthners
Presentation of MontPay system

Q3 2019
Big exchange listing
MontCard final release
MontTerminal final release
First MontPay
Terminals on ski resorts

Q4 2019
Future development

Check our discord channel for all bounties

Block explorer


Coming soon...

Masternodes online
Coming soon...


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