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Author Topic: 【⚡✅⚡ ANN|XPChain: Chain Your Experience into Real Value | Age Burnable PoS ⚡✅⚡】  (Read 1061 times)


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The eXPerience Chain Project is an open source project aiming at a society that enables people to gain new experiences by connecting people in the real world using cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency “eXPerience Chain (XPC)” will be the currency to create the foundation for it.

In order for cryptocurrencies to be accepted by society in the future, it will be necessary to create a special user experience and some added value that can only be provided from cryptocurrencies.
XPC-Project thinks that it should be fun to use cryptocurrency, and it aims the experience gained by using cryptocurrency to lead people's life long asset.

XPChain wants more people in the world to discover and feel these "enjoyments to use".

As an open source project, XPC-Project will build an environment where everyone can freely participate in development in order to receive rewards based on technology and ideas everyone has gained from experience.

✅ Name: eXPerience Chain

✅ Abbreviation:XPChain

✅ Ticker:XPC

✅ Base: Bitcoin 0.16.0

✅ Algorithm: SHA-256d/PoW+PoS (PoW is only for Premine)

✅ Initial issue count: 100,000,000,000 XPC (AirDrop = 80%, Foundation Lock-Up = 20%)

✅ Max supply limit: Will be set as soon as distribution by AirDrop is completed.

✅ Premine: 3,024,000,000 XPC (300,000 XPC/block, until block 10,080)

✅ Comission fee: 0.001 XPC /kB (100% burned)

✅ Block interval: 60 seconds

XPC’s ABPoS rate is 10% for a year after its release, and it reduces by 1% every year to 5% in the 6th year, after that it is fixed.

The premine quantity of 3.024 billion XPC will be used in advance for compensation of the XPC team and initial private sales for the cost of initial listing fees and marketing. The balance will then transfer to the XPC Foundation for the initial operating budget.

80% of the first 100 billion XPC issued (80 billion XPC) will be used for an Airdrop. The XPC Foundation will hold 20 billion XPC. The XPC Foundation will ensure that 5% of the amount held by the XPC Foundation and PoS revenue is kept as an annual management budget and the XPC Foundation will not sell any other XPCs. The announcement has been made to explain about Airdrop in detail on the official website, SNS and  XPC discord server.

Examples of the use of foundation operating costs in XPC include compensation for developers and the XPC staff, the operation of the ecosystem, promotional budget, and such. XPC may sell part of XPC budget to cover some of the operational costs which may require fiat such as the server maintenance fees or any other things that might require BTC. The XPC team will not make any mass sale that will affect the market price; the amount will be limited and facts and reasons for the sale will be disclosed. An auction style sale will be used to sell XPC when it needs to raise a high volume of BTC such as for an exchange listing fee.

XPC foundation wallet addresses are publicly available and anyone can monitor their activity using Blockchain Explorer for transparency.

Other language translations coming soon!

XPC is built on Bitcoin 0.16.0. Therefore, all of its features are available and also compatible with existing libraries.

XPC features a PoS method based on Bitcoin 0.16.0, which is a feature of Segwit. Segwit means “segregated witness”, and by separating electronic signatures from the transaction information, the weight of transaction is reduced and more storage space can be created on any given block. As a result, XPC can expect positive impacts on speed and network performance.

The Age Burnable PoS (ABPoS) system chosen by XPC will have a different reward system. The amount of the time to receive rewards, as well as the reward amount, will depend on the transaction CoinAge and the amount of coin. The reward will be distributed as an independent transaction (B) that is separate from the staking transaction (A). Also, all transactions will require small fees, and 100% of these fees will be burned. As a result, the total amount of supply volume is reduced by the fees burned per stake. The biggest concern with PoS currency without a cap limit is the inflation. Although it may be a slight impact with ABPoS, fees will continuously be burned and increase staking and the transaction volume which in turn will work to keep the total supply of XPC in check.

Age Burnable PoS set a 31-day aging period as a standard for earning rewards. Depending on the size of the transaction, some people may earn a reward earlier, but the amount will be significantly reduced according to this formula.

Aging process is carried out until 60 days, and the reward amount will hit the maximum amount by then.

The bigger the transaction, the shorter the interval until earning a reward, but the reward will get smaller instead.

GeoLink is a communication application that uses location information, which is currently under development.

Users can create rain clouds of XPC in arbitrary places, and can perform an XPC distribution called rain, to XPC users around the rain clouds. It will create the opportunity for people to learn about the real stores, users to visit stores and for everyone to tell others the experience gained by it.

XPC rain clouds can create various things according to the application. Advertisements, events, and communications by GeoLink will become part of the daily life of XPC users. In addition, it will promote XPC to burn by the fee for rain clouds and rain.

XPCheck is a Total Web service that can use XPC.
XPC will use a wallet running on the Web to provide a new user experience of cryptocurrency.
As a function for that, the Web Wallet will introduce the new concept of “Wallet level” to reward the individual in the XPC network.

Wallet level will be based on the following:
✅ The amount XPC burned by transaction fee
✅ Number of successful PoS
✅ Number of Rain received

Payment function in real stores can be easily introduced
Cryptocurrency payment has a value for being able to “use” other than a payment method.
Of course, there is value added to the actual “use” and that will make life fun and enriched by using XPC.

[Store benefits]
✅ It will especially be a great fit for the small businesses and create the possibility to introduce a customer who they did not have the opportunity to approach until now.
✅ By getting a common topic called XPC, the distance to the customer inches closer.

[User benefits]
✅ Acquire a place where XPC holders can get together, and possibly develop into event planning
✅ Sharing experiences with people who met on the spot through Rain by using GeoLink
✅ XPC users are more likely to gain the Wallet level by using real stores.

Collaboration with companies
It is commonly perceived that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are interesting topics but difficult to approach, becoming a problem in the scope of an enterprise.
XPC team will further develop XPC by providing functional support such as XPCheck / GeoLink and organizational support.

[Business advantage]
✅ Achievements through diffusion of cryptocurrency and utilization of its technology
✅ Promotion with a new user experience (Rain) using GeoLink
✅ Acquisition of users who are interested in using cryptocurrency
✅ Continuous use of services using ABPoS
✅ Understanding customer behavior and characteristics using Wallet level

[User benefits]
✅ Provide trust and sense of security for XPC users by affiliation
✅ Preferential treatment for leveling during Rain
✅ Use of affiliated services

Other functions
✅ Support functions for specific users

XPC-Project will start with spreading the "usable" field of XPC.

People coming to the store talk with each other, and they are going to have fun and create small communities.
For that to happen, it is important that users of XPC increase in smaller units rather than as a global unit, therefore, a corporation set up in each country sets the mission of building an XPC culture based in each country.

XPC "Chainer" program
A Chainer is an active user who spreads XPC.

In order to become a Chainer, users will have to meet the required Wallet level and apply for this program with the necessary information.
In the Chainer program, if XPC payment is introduced to the store by the help of the Chainer, XPC is distributed to both the Chainer and the store through XPCheck.
Also, if a store wallet does ABPoS, a network maintenance reward will be paid to Chainer by ABPoS function.

Corporate affiliate/sponsorship 
By holding events tied up with companies such as gaming companies and by allowing XPC to be used on existing services. XPC-Project will broaden awareness as a cryptocurrency, expanding the available range of XPC usability and aim to approach new users.

Planning to provide XPC as a sponsor and at events utilizing the Rain function and such, XPChain will make these things happen one by one when the timing is right.

Approach to eSports
By participating as an eSports event and team sponsor, the XPC-Project aims to create an environment that enables XPC users to unite as a whole while spreading awareness as a currency globally.

Participation will be streamed through video sites and real stores, and will provide a visual experience with Rain.

Provide development support tools
✅ Provide XPC SDK
✅ Provide XPC Web Wallet API

With the huge effort of XPC-JP community, XPC was selected to be added as a trading currency on Avacus. It has been officially announced from
(It will be added to their platform after the XPC currency is launched.)

Avacus’s original token, VACUS’s sub-token, VACUS.XPCHAIN has been provided to all VACUS holders. VACUS.XPCHAIN will provide you special benefits such as receiving dividends from Avacus transaction fees , gaining user levels and such.

Avacus is currently available for Amazon JP, US, UK and DE.

Please read their recently updated FAQ (in English) to find out more: AVACUS FAQ

In order to spread XPC, establishing cooperative relationships with companies and small businesses is the best way to acquire new users and provide convenience. The corporate structure established by the XPC-Project will take a position as a representative in cases where corporate status is required; such as affiliation with companies, management of rights attribution, operation costs, and listing on exchanges. The XPC-Project will establish the XPC Foundation in the future and will systematically manage it.

The XPChain Team has international members from various countries, such as the United States, Canada, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Italy, Slovenia, and Finland, and will develop services and marketing according to the regulations and guidelines of each country.

XPChain Global

The XPC team is preparing to establish a 501(c)(3) organization (XPC Foundation) in New Mexico, USA. The key developments of XPC such as Wallet will be carried out by XPChain Holding, LLC.

In addition, 501(c)(3) organization establishment will take time to be certified.

The first councilors include 2 Americans, 2 Korean, 2 Japanese and 1 Italian.

XPChain Japan

Corporation Name: General Incorporated Association eXPerience Chain Japan

The XPC-JP Association will expand the scope of use in Japan and make a company affiliation as the main mission.

The XPC-JP Association also carries out tasks such as approval and support of the Chainer program, translation support of each language, and acquisition of licenses. Some members will go to relevant organizations and conduct development.

XPChain Korea

Corporation Name: WEbrick

A corporation, WEbrick, has been established in Korea in order to strategically expand XPC’s infrastructure, and it will develop blockchain software and expand its marketplace.

Some XPC service conceptions are already completed and awaiting application after XPC launches, and are targeted to be introduced in Q4 2018.
WEbrick corporation will focus on projects that can provide a more user-friendly approach and seek ways to expand XPC’s infrastructure not only in Korea but also around the world.

In Korea, WEbrick corporation will be in charge of systematic and transparent operation and management of the community, and the community operation team will have full control over the operation.

In addition, the XPC Alliance Club will be expanded with small businesses to supply XPC and expand the market.

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Re: ANN|XPChain:A user friendly and community focused Blockchain
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2018, 07:07:25 PM »
Important announcement
Technical information in regard to Airdrop and Snapshot timing

XPC team has announced a snapshot will be taken on 2018/05/23 06:00(UTC) to determine XPC Airdrop amounts for XP Holders.

We want to provide additional information and precautions to ensure everybody to not miss Snapshot.

Due to the characteristics of the blockchain, the exact moment balance gets recorded will be the time when the particular block is generated which is slightly after 6:00 (UTC)

Since the block interval is uncertain and we can only state as “around 60 seconds”. It is technically impossible to notify about the predicted generation time and block height.

Therefore XPC team CAN NOT guarantee exact Snapshot moment.

Please understand these factors and wait extra time to move XP around expected Snapshot time.

XPC team recommends everyone to NOT to move your XP between 5:30 (UTC) to 6:30 (UTC) to avoid missing snapshot.

XPC team will not be able to provide matching Airdrop if you missed Snapshot.

You can check XP blockchain explorer to for current block generate status.

※ If you do not understand this information fully, simply make deposit by 5:30 (UTC) and don’t make withdraw until 6:30 (UTC)

※Snapshot is only available for XPqt(Desktop wallet) and CCWallet (New Discord XP Bot)

※Airdrop is scheduled to take place in July and you will need same XPqt Wallet to complete XPC Airdrop request, so Please DO NOT Uninstall your XPqt wallet.

More information such as how to request Airdrop, XPC Wallet (XPC Wallet will be released prior to Airdrop event for you to receive XPC) and general public Airdrop will be announced in the future.


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Re: ANN|XPChain:A user friendly and community focused Blockchain
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2018, 05:35:26 PM »
XPChain Age Burnable PoS
XPChain is building a completely new PoS mechanism from scratch, which has never existed while using existing PoS currency as a reference.
This will be the first currency that implements this new PoS mechanism in the cryptocurrency market.
XPChain has decided to name this new innovative PoS, "Age Burnable PoS (abbreviation: ABPoS)".
The XPChain development team is currently working day and night to complete the ABPoS development. It has been a tough process to complete this implementation from scratch.
The XPChain team is doing its best to make ABPoS easy for everyone to use. We appreciate all your support on this innovative project!

The following features information is under development.

1️⃣ New receiving method of PoS rewards
Current PoS currency has been creating a new chunk which basically includes the principal chunk and the PoS reward when succeeding in the stake.
Also, if the stake succeeded before completing the aging process, this chunk could split into two.
In ABPoS, when holders succeed in stake, stake rewards will always receive with a separate chunk than the principal.

Example 1
When the stake of 1,000,000 XP succeeded in XP and the reward of 20,000 XP is to be obtained
1) 1,020,000 XP will be received as one chunk, if aging process was completed prior.
2) Chunks of 510,000 XP and 510,000 XP will be received separately, if aging process was not completed

Example 2
When the stake of 1,000,000 XPC succeeds in XPC and rewards 20,000 XPC
1) A chunk of 1,000,000  XPC subtracted  commission, and another chunk of 20,000 XPC will be received separately.

2️⃣ Compound interest to a simple interest
Continuing PoS staking will change the rewards calculation from compound interest to simple interest.
By changing the receiving method of PoS rewards, when stake continues as rewards arrive, rewards will be calculated as a simple interest.
In order to earn rewards with compound interest as the previous PoS system, it is necessary to manually combine the chunks, and it will take more time to start staking due to refreshing aging process.
ABPoS suppresses excessive inflation by making rewards calculation as a simple rate.

3️⃣New method of using PoS rewards
By changing the receiving method of PoS rewards, the principal and the reward can be divided clearly, and holders can chose to only use the portion of the reward easily.
ABPoS will allow holders to send rewards to a separate address when stake was successful.

PoS currency tends to remain in the PC wallet because it will continue the staking process, and that tends to suppress distribution in general.
ABPoS is designed to promote the distribution of rewards as the rewards are distinguished and the receiving address can be changed.
For example: it is possible to the select mobile wallet to receive PoS rewards while staking with home PC regularly.

4️⃣New calculation method of the transaction fee
The fee calculation of current PoS currencies is very complicated.
It is very difficult to understand that when the fee becomes unnecessary depending on the time of trading, or when a small amount is sent, a lot of commissions are required. It was difficult for both users and developers.
Therefore, ABPoS simplifies the calculation of the fee and changes the form to collect the fee according to the data size recorded in the blockchain regardless of the time of the transaction.

5️⃣ Fee will be completely burned
All transaction fees will be discarded (Burned) and the amount discarded will be reduced from the total supply.
ABPoS collects fees from all transactions according to the data size recorded in the block chain, including staking.
When the stake succeeds, a fee will be charged on the chunk of the principal.

XPC provides various countermeasures so that currencies can easily be distributed, and the more the currency is distributed, the more fees will be collected.
All fees collected will be deleted (burned) from the block chain and the total issue amount will be reduced.
In other words, currencies are always burned, even though they are small amounts, as it helps to control inflation.
Just like a bill printed and circulated, which will face "death" due to wear and damage, XPC is also born by ABPoS and it is designed to face "death" by burning coins.

The reason that the supply limit is not set is because there is a risk that the currency will run short if the amount of death of coins by the burn increases.

6️⃣ Safer Blockchain
With current PoS currencies, attackers with multiple aged chunks were able to attack blockchains consecutively without risk.
With ABPoS, when attacking with aged chunks, measures were taken so that they could not be carried out continuously, and the blockchain is improved in a way that the attackers will carry the risk.


7️⃣Benefits for Developers
Developers have the benefit of making their own wallets and services.
There have been many cases where developers and service providers/operators faced difficulty in making profits with the cryptocurrency so far.
In order to continue development and operation, it was necessary to earn profits in something other than the cryptocurrency system, such as donation and affiliate, and it was quite difficult.
XPC will make various efforts to increase profit.

Here are examples of things that can be done by ABPoS adopting XPC.

With ABPoS, the PoS reward part can be delivered to another address and it can be sent freely to distribute to plural addresses.
Let’s say someone developed a more convenient wallet than the official, a wallet that will send the rewards portion of PoS to a specified smartphone.
With the consent from the user attached, this wallet can be set to return (receive) 5% of the PoS rewards when the stake is succeeded to benefit the developer.

The user receives rewards to their smartphone every time the stake succeeds, and at the same time, it automatically returns 5% to the developer.
Developers will be able to maintain motivation while earning rewards and will be able to work on developing new functions.
And users can expect new functions, and if they are released safely, they can continue this win-win relationship with each other.
By successfully distributing PoS fees like this, it becomes easy for developers and service providers/operators to earn revenue.

All distribution of the PoS fees is recorded in the blockchain and everyone can verify and confirm the contents at any time.
By recording everything in the blockchain, everyone can promote a clean and fair business.
As soon as the first official XPC Wallet is completed, XPChain will be completely open. All available source code and the blockchain and currency specifications will be released publically.
To make it easier for third parties and other developers to join to create focusing on various features, Official Wallet will not be packed with many functions on purpose.
XPChain aims for the true meaning of Developer Friendly, and will release the SDK and knowledge base that will make it easy to handle blockchains.

Please look forward for XPChain’s innovative development. We truly appreciate and thank you all for your interest and support.


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Re: ANN|XPChain:A user friendly and community focused Blockchain
« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2018, 10:31:23 AM »
XPChain Report (2018/06/03)

Whitepaper progress
The XPChain team is currently editing the whitepaper to make it contain more user-friendly content & design than a traditional whitepaper.
Since the XPChain team is planning on releasing the whitepaper in multiple languages, it takes a little bit longer to get everything ready.
The specs of XPC and ABPoS have been previously announced on #announcements @ DISCORD so please check that information in the meanwhile.

XPChain Development status update
After a technical announcement about ABPoS was provided by the XPChain Development team, they have completed replacing Bitcoind to XPChaind, change of block creation interval, and separation from bitcoin network.
The XPChain team will continue to announce developments and progress in the future.

EU has announced "EU general data protection rule" (GDPR) which took effect on May 25.
The XPChain team is currently making some changes and updating the Airdrop application procedure.
The XPChain team is glad that the GDPR announcement was made before the XPC Airdrop application procedure started and it is still possible to make the Airdrop procedure compatible with GDPR.
But throughout the process, changes need to be made and it will take quite some time. Please be patient while the XPChain team is working on this delicate matter.

The XPChain team is in contact with multiple exchanges. It is true that there are exchanges that are suspected of fraud, and the XPChain team is preparing to investigate the details carefully while contacting/dealing with exchanges.

Yes, rain function implementation is under test!
The XPChain team is testing bot to make sure it will be stable with rain function.
Please look forward to the announcement in the near future!


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Re: ANN|XPChain:A user friendly and community focused Blockchain
« Reply #5 on: July 15, 2018, 08:42:28 AM »

The XPC team proudly announces that XPChain and WEbrick will join the Blockchain Expo 2018 to present the future of blockchain. The Blockchain Expo showcases blockchain technology, the essence of the 4TH Industrial Revolution and its relevant fields of application. In this event, participants from various industries will gather together to hold conferences, seminars, and exhibitions to provide you with all of the latest information about blockchain. It will be a great opportunity for XPChain and WEbrick to promote the XPC-Project and also the progressive direction of the WEbrick business at this event.


The event will be held for two days
- July 26th: XPChain and WEbrick will be joined by renowned industry experts to discuss the current and future trends of blockchain.
- July 27th: There will be conference presentations by the participating firms to promote their projects and plans for future blockchain technology.

Main Participants:
■WEbrick:Sharing Economy with Blockchain and XPC, Community Cryptocurrency — WonKyu Cho (Arnold), CEO of Webrick and Jason Brink (Bitbender), advisor for XPC

■BLOCEY:Blockchain Platform for P2P Contract Cultivation — Yong Kim, CTO of Easyfarm

■VectorX:Cryptocurrency Trading Ecosystem Enabled by Blockchain Technology — Chulee Lee, CEO of BITOR GROUP

■Quiztok:Quiz Contents Platform Enabled by Blockchain Technology — ChangSub Jun, CEO of Quiztok

■12SHIPS:High Efficiency, Low Power Consumption Crypto Miner; Eco Friendly Smart Mining Solution Using PANOKSUN2 — YoungHun Min, CSO of 12SHIPS

■QUiNT Realm B.V. (New Zealand):Development of Platform for South East Asian Real Estate Trading.

■E-commerce Solution:President of ETA Thai

■HASHBX (Thailand):Smart Mining

■ZMine (Thailand):Hardware Mining — Kasamapat Vithanwattana, CEO of ZMine

Admission:FREE admission by registering early on BCEK’s homepage.

Venue:International Convention Centre, Port of Busan

Date: July 26th ~ 27th, 2018
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Re: ANN|XPChain:A user friendly and community focused Blockchain
« Reply #6 on: July 22, 2018, 10:00:36 AM »
XPChain Report (2018/07/22)

Airdrop Application Form
The Airdrop Application Form will be released on 2018/07/24.
The form submission is available til 2018/9/01 7:00(UTC), please be sure to complete this process prior to the deadline.
The XPChain team will make an announcement when the form is ready.
Thank you all for your patience.

Please note that the Snapshot to determine the XPC Airdrop amounts for XP Holders has already been completed on 2018/05/23 06:00(UTC) (Block# 2283323). The Snapshot was compatible with XP-qt (desktop wallet) and CCWallet only.
The Airdrop will not be issued for any XP held anywhere other than those 2 wallets, such as in exchanges, XP-Bot, tip_XPchan, POS pools and any other wallets (including Android wallet) due to technical limitations.
Please read previous announcements for more details.

The Sign Message function has been added to the CCWallet to comply with the Airdrop Application Form.

Whitepaper has been revised
There has been a few typing mistakes on the Age Burnable PoS flow chart images. It has been updated and revised version of the Whitepaper can be downloaded from

Along with XPC-KR team/WEbrick, Bitbender (XPC Adviser) and Harao (XPC-JP Director) will also be in Korea to participate in this expo.

Avacus voting XPC-JP Team
XPC is listed for Avacus’ next new trading currency voting which will start on Tuesday, 2018/07/24.
Please vote for XPC!

What is Avacus?
Avacus is an innovative escrow service that connects people who want to shop for great deals using cryptocurrency and people who want to get cryptocurrency more conveniently without using an exchange, all through the Amazon wish list (Currently available for Amazon JP, US, UK and DE).

Chain-chan illustration book XPC-JP Team
Chain-chan & XP-chan illustration book is being printed and will be sold at the Comic Market 94 in Japan. (日曜日、西む37-a:Sunday, West-Mu 37-a)

What is Comic Market?
The Comic Market (Comiket) is a marketplace where indie creators can offer their self-produced creations to a community that appreciates and supports such creative personal activities.


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Re: ANN|XPChain:A user friendly and community focused Blockchain
« Reply #7 on: July 24, 2018, 09:34:35 AM »
XPChain Airdrop Application Form has been released!

The Airdrop Application Form has been released World Wide

Please complete your Airdrop Application Form: And please be sure to complete this process prior to the deadline (2018/9/01 7:00 -UTC)

The entire Airdrop Application process can be translated to your selected language via Google Translate. Please select “International” on the first screen, and there will be a dropdown menu at the top for Google Translate on the following page. Please select your language from the dropdown menu and proceed to the next steps.

Airdrop Application Form Procedure

1. Go to Airdrop Application Form page. Airdrop Application

2. Read terms of service and privacy policy, agree and continue

3. Input your email address and XP address. Please be sure to use an actual email address that you use. XPChain team will send email containing URL which you will need to access to complete this procedure.

4. Use letters/numbers appears under “Message to generate a sign” to generate a SignMessage on your XP wallet. Sign Message function is to prove your ownership of the wallet.

5. Verify your email, XP address and estimated Airdrop amount. *If you think showing estimate Airdrop amount is less than what you should be receiving, your balance at the time of Snapshot may held at what’s called “loose change address” Please refer to “how to use Sign Message function on XP-qt” video shared on #video channel and find out how to check your loose change address.

6. Check your email and Click on the URL listed on the email from XPChain team, click to “Confirm XPC Airdrop Application submission”. Once it’s completed, screen shows you have completed the process of Airdrop Application Form. *You will receive XPC Airdrop in your XPC wallet but you need XP-qt to complete all necessary process to receive XPC Airdrop. Please do not uninstall your XP-qt wallet until the completion of XPC Airdrop.

How to use XP-qt “Sign Message” Video by Cryptodude

Cryptodude has made a great video explaining how to use “Sign Message” function on XP-qt (desktop wallet). It also shows you how to find “loose change address” on qt wallet. If you think your XP balance at the time of Snapshot was held in a loose change address, please watch this video carefully and find your loose change address. Be sure to use @XPCAirDropCheckerEN to check expected Airdrop amount, and then complete Airdrop Application process.

Watch the Video:

Important: XPC Team will NEVER ask for your wallet Passphrase! XPC Airdrop Application Form procedure does not require use of your passphrase. Even if you ask any questions regarding the Airdrop procedure, no one should ever ask for your passphrase. Sharing your passphrase with others may cause your coins to get stolen. Please DO NOT share your wallet passphrase with anyone!


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Re: ANN|XPChain:A user friendly and community focused Blockchain
« Reply #8 on: July 29, 2018, 09:15:19 AM »
XPChain Report (2018/07/29)

Airdrop Application Form
The Airdrop Application Form has been released. Please complete your Airdrop Application Form prior to the deadline 2018/9/01 7:00 (UTC)

XPC Airdrop step ~ Application to Receiving XPC:
1️⃣ Airdrop Application Form ←We are here now
Please review Airdrop Application Form Procedure and Airdrop Application Form related FAQ posted on #xpc-airdrop channel at XPChain Global DISCORD

2️⃣ Get XPC address (in early September)
XPC-qt (desktop wallet) is planned to be released in September 2018. CCWallet is also planned to become compatible with XPC around the same time.

3️⃣ Airdrop Recipient Form
Complete the XPC Airdrop Recipient Form. You will need to submit your XP address that you used to complete the Airdrop Application Form again and also XPC receiving address (Your XPC address).

4️⃣ Distribution of XPC Airdrop
XPC will be distributed (Airdropped) to your XPC wallet!

XPChain team had an amazing time at BCEK 2018 with WEbrick (XPC-KR)!
Arnold (WEbrick CEO), BitBender (XPC Adviser) and Harao (XPC-JP Director) had a great presentation of XPChain.
We will share the pictures and video from this Expo once they are ready!

Video of XP-Chan introducing XPC coin
XPC-JP community member  @あかにん#1955 has created an amazing XP-Chan video!
Lovely XP-Chan introducing and explaining XPChain in Japanese.
Please check it out


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XPChain Report (2018/08/19)

✈ Airdrop Application Form
The Airdrop Application Form submission deadline is 2018/9/01 7:00 (UTC)
Airdrop Application Website:

Currently about 5,700 people have submitted an XPC Airdrop Application Form. Excluding duplicates, roughly 76 Billion XPC are estimated to be airdropped.

⚡ There was an application from the XP address that is considered to keep assets of others in some transactions, the address is currently under investigation.

Please do not uninstall your XP-qt wallet until the completion of XPC Airdrop.
Although you will be receiving XPC Airdrop in your XPC wallet, you will still need an XP-qt to complete all of the necessary processes to receive the XPC Airdrop.

Official website has been updated!
XPChain's official website has been updated. Please go check it out and browse around!

Information including community members’ introductions and official site/forum & fan site links are now available.
Website updates are still ongoing and some parts of the website might change in the next few days.
Please note that some menus are not currently available yet but the XPChain team will be constantly updating the website as the XPChain project develops.


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I read today that XPC have won voting on CoinDeal exchange
I'm looking forward to see this coin there


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