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Author Topic: [ANN] [MBC] 🚀MasterBit 🚀 - Creating the Digital Future | MasterNodes | Airdro  (Read 446 times)


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MasterBit is a next generation digital cryptocurrency based on innovative blockchain technology. MasterBIt is backed by a powerful, transparent and secure network. Based on POW and PoS Masternodes network, it ensures stable return of investment for miners and Masternode holders.

MasterBit coin allows you to order your own coin, designed and builded accordingly to your special needs.MasterBit team is group of best in the industry blockchain professionals that will make your dream come true.Order your own coin today, and rock the world of digital innovations.

There will only be 25,000,000 MasterBit Coins. Once you have 1000 coins you can build Masternode it will allow you to take part in creation of new coins with generous daily returns.

Also in the nearest future we will release mobile wallets and digital marketplace for goods and services.

◆ Ticker: MBC
◆ Algorithm: NeoScrypt
◆ Blocktime: 180 seconds (3 minutes)
◆ Block Reward: 10 MBC decreasing by 7% every year
◆ Max Supply: ~ 25 mln
◆ Masternode: 80% Block Reward (1000 MBC required)
◆ Difficulty Retargeting: Each block, Dark Gravity Wave (DGW)
◆ Premine: 2% *

MasterBit has only 2% pre-mine that will be used only for Bounties,Airdrops,Exchange Listings and to further development for MasterBit like building platform for IT specialists and much more.


MasterBit Blockchain Starts

◆ Launching Website
◆ Windows,Linux and Mac wallet Release
◆ Fundraising
◆ Exchange listing
◆ Masternode rank related site listings
◆ Reveal our massive bounty campaign

Key Roadmap Points

◆ Start developing of first coin orders (Q2)
◆ MasterBit Whitepaper(Q2)
◆ Adding more exchanges and ranking sites (Q3)
◆ Massive PR campaign (Q3)
◆ MasterBit Platform release(Q4) *
◆ MasterBit Mobile Platform release(Q4) *

* MasterBit platform will be based on blockchain technology and give an ability to sell digital product and services.

MasterBit Windows Wallet 64 (64-bit)

MasterBit Windows Wallet (32-bit)

MasterBit MAC Wallet (Coming Soon)

MasterBit Ubuntu 16.04 Daemon

MasterBit Ubuntu 14.04 Daemon

-a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p x

Nicehash port: 2125
Block explorer:
List of Nodes:
ArcPool Discord:

MasterBit coin is available on Minpool
Stratum  :
Usename : your_wallet_address
Password : c=MBC

-a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u your_wallet_address -p c=MBC





-   Follow MasterBit Twitter:
-   Tweet 1 time about MasterBit .
-   Retweet 3 MasterBit  posts.
-   Use next Hashtag : #masterbit
-   Join Discord channel:
-       Reward: 3 MasterBit coin.
-       Participants: 500 Users.
Participants Status: 12 users registered.
Fill next form for participate in campaign:

Signature campaign

•   For participate in signature campaign participants have to be at least Member rank.
•   Participants have to post minimum 8 posts per week.
•   Fill this Google Form:
Member - 5 MBC
Full Member -7 MBC
Sr Member - 9 MBC
Hero Member - Legendary 11 MBC

Original ANN


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#miningready for MasterBit

Code: [Select]
-a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=MBC
Twitter: @OnMinerPool

Telegram: @OnMinerPool

Discord: Support, News, ANN, Requests, Discussions and more



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