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Author Topic: [ANN] NR1 COIN [Pitching Platform] BlockChain [PoS 90%] Scrypt PoW/PoS  (Read 1703 times)


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➥NR1 coin: Pitching platform for innovative ideas?

►We are looking for creative innovations and ideas to make the world a better place, and to make the world, where we all live in, a better place for every human being.

►The world isn't stimulating us to come up with new innovations and ideas about improving existing technologies such as healthcare systems, education, agriculture, commerce, blockchain, software, robotics, data analytics, privacy and much more. ►We believe that many people living along us have those great ideas, but they don't have the opportunity to pitch them to the important people in the world. ►With NR1 we are making this possible. ►We will create a platform where people can pitch their ideas to the important and wealthy people in the world.


Coin name    NR1
Algorithm    Scrypt PoW/PoS
Coin abbreviation    NR1
Address letter    N
RPC port    28326
P2P port    28325
Block reward    800 coins
Total coin supply 420.000.000
Premine percent    20%

PoS percentage    90% per year
POW Finished
Coinbase maturity    3 blocks
Target spacing    1 minute
Target timespan    1 block
Transaction confirmations    3 blocks


➥Download wallet




Translate our topic and publish it in the correct category on Bitcoingarden -> 1000 coins

Rules: 1) Don't use google translate. Google translated topics will be rejected.
          2) Share the topic on your own social media channels
          3) Post the proof down below.

Follow and RT 2-3 tweets and follow us on Discord and introduce yourself -> 400 coins

Rules: 1) You can only participate one time
                 2) Fake Twitter accounts will be rejected
                                            3) Introduce yourself always properly and stick to the rules

Topic Translations




»Quarter 2
- Development of NR1 coin
- Development first wallets for Windows and Linux
- First announcement on Bitcoingarden
- Creation of social media channels
- Creating a Discord and Telegram channel
- Setup Discord and Telegram
- Second announcement on Bitcointalk
- Organizing serveral giveaways and promotion events
- Making the first preparations for the website
- Finishing and publishing website
- Development MAC wallet
- MAC wallet release
- Paid submission to exchange
- Listing at first exchange
- Send in to CMC

»Quarter 3
- Organizing grand prize events
- Start off with second marketing campaign
- More exposure through social media channels
- Publishing poll for second exchange
- Paid submission to second exchange
- Listing at second exchange
- Start off with invitation contest

»Quarter 4
- First developments of Pitching platform
- Start off with third marketing campaign
  - Contest of best innovative idea on several given subjects
- Development Android wallet
- Listing second exchange
- Android wallet release





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News update:

specifications, nodes and bounties are live in the topic and in the Discord channel.
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Website ready:


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Russian translation:



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japanese translation done!
adress wallet:NLjmhY3g1TWzoJRxqCpLqJ1oZvihcGvKfF


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Good news! NR1 coin is listed on it's first exchange:


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What exactly the purpose of this coin?
Pitching platform sounds ambiguous
I am alive


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