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Author Topic: [ANN] [AIRDROP] [NEW BOUNTIES] Introducing AdVulture -AIRDROP #2 SIGN UP-  (Read 95 times)


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Cleaning up the internet one advertisement at a time



Check out our website for the roadmap and more information!!!

- We are early in development and setting some foundations down, HIGHLY recommended to check out the website for more information about AdVulture!


AdVulture is a cross-platform advertisement blocker that, unlike the competition, integrates untraceable cryptocurrency technology as a reward based system for using the product. This product removes ALL advertisements which will make web pages appear clearer and faster. Doing this also improves battery life on your device.

With AdVulture enabled, any advertisements that the user will receive will be blocked. The user will have the option to whitelist certain domains if they would like to receive advertisements on specific websites. Over time, the user will receive Vul (AdVulture's altcoin) as a reward for using AdVulture. This way, distribution can quickly spread out, and the users will be rewarded for using the product. Distribution in the early stages will be handed out through airdrops.

The problem with current ad blockers

Most of the current ad blocker technology cheats out the user in various ways to make money. For example, some adblockers whitelist domains for huge sums of money so that they can still display ads, even though the user has selected to opt out of seeing ads for that website. Another way some adblocker companies make money is by selling user information to companies for money. AdVulture will never do any of those things, times have changed and people are more interested in privacy. For AdVulture, privacy is a key component in our infrastructure and we will never release any of that information.


There will be an initial distribution via an Airdrop, anyone that wants to participate in the airdrop must join the telegram and follow our twitter. The airdrop will be completely free to join. Each individual in the airdrop will receive 200 Vul. 

Airdrops : 1,750,000 (35%)

Usage rewards : 1,500,000 (30%)

Team : 1,000,000 (20%)

Other : 500,000 (10%)

Bounties : 250,000 (5%)

Brief Roadmap

(Highly recommend checking out the roadmap on the website)

- -


Advulture was born. Foundations of the company were set (included research and business plans).


The first airdrop will occur. Community growth is key at this point.


The second airdrop will occur. The team has the goal of being accepted on an exchange.


Third and final airdrop will occur. Developers will be hired to work on the application.


Community poll for next exchange to work towards. The product is set to be released at some point this month.

Token Information

Symbol: Vul
Total supply: 5,000,000 (fixed amount)
Token: ERC20


Q: When will the white pages be released?

A: We plan on releasing the white page as soon as we can. Right now our team is bombarded with things we have to do, so not much work has been put into it thus far. The white pages will definitely be available before the product is released.

Q: How do I sign up for the airdrop and when will distribution start?

A: You can sign up for the airdrop using the link below to the google doc. If all goes according to plan, the airdrop should be distributed during May.

Q: What do I have to do to be included in the airdrop?

A: You will have to complete the google doc form to the best of your ability. Do NOT leave any blank spaces, try to answer all of the questions.

Q: How will AdVulture make money?

A: The team has set about 1 Million coins out of the 5 Million as our stake in the company. The team will split that as payment. There will also be a donate button available for anyone that wants to donate to AdVulture. 

Q: What exchanges do you plan to get on?

A: We are working with multiple exchanges to make sure that there will be a benefit for both AdVulture and the exchange we get on. More information about exchanges will be released when available.

Notice: Early in development


Join the Telegram!

Follow us on Twitter!

Visit the website (highly recommended)! <------ AIRDROP INFORMATION

Check out the bounties!


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