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Author Topic: [ANN] [POW/POS] [MASTERNODE COIN] ⚡️ Held Coin ⚡️ Scrypt  (Read 496 times)


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Held Coin
Coin Stats
Coin Name: HeldCoin
Ticker: HLDC
Algorithm: Scrypt
Block Time: 120 secs
Maturity: 6 Confirmations
Total Supply: 65 000 000 HLDC
Premine: 0.15% (97 500 HLDC)
Min Stake Age: 12 Hours
Max Stake Age: 2 Days
Masternode Collateral: 1 500 HLDC MN
Rewards: 75% from PoS block
PoS Rewards: 25% from PoS block

About HeldCoin

HeldCoin is a cryptocurrency created for real use as a means of payment for the sale of digital content and microtransactions.
The HeldCoin team consists of 5 people from different countries of Europe and Asia. Before the development of HeldCoin, we had experience developing in the field of cryptocurrency and Android applications, so HeldCoin is conceived to implement our experience.

Integration into services
The first step in applying the coin as a means of payment will be integration into the android applications. At the moment, negotiations with several developers, whose applications have been already represented on Google Play and have used microtransactions successfully,  are being conducted. The main requirements, which the developers put forward to our coin, are strong positions in the crypto-currency market, high turnover on exchanges and a stable rate. Our top-priority global tasks: the strong and vast community, attracting strong investors, entering the stock exchanges and active participating in trade, marketing and promotion. The second step after the integration into Android applications will become the integration into the sites of digital content. At the moment, negotiations in this direction have not begun yet , the possible sites for accommodation are being selected. If you want to offer us cooperation - we are ready to talks!


Pools: 2 first pools 75 HLDC
Shared node service: 50 HLDC
Twitter: After listing on exchange

It will be random airdrop on discord channel

The presale fund will be spent on:

1. Exchanges fee
2. Monitoring services fee
3. Financing of further project development
4. Advertising company
5. Implementation of the road map phases

You can buy HLDC MN in our Discord Channel
Pre-Sale 15 MN's.  1500 HLDC = 0,5 btc

Friends! Great news! We took into account all the wishes of our community and are happy to announce that the price for the remaining 7 masternodes has been reduced to 0.35 BTC. We do this because we value and respect our community. We want everyone to get a masternode. This is due to the high complexity of coin mining. We will pay compensation to all buyers who bought masternode at a price of 0.5 BTC in the form they wish.

We took into consideration the wishes of the miners - now you can buy HDLC packages of 500 coins for PoS-Mining at a price of 0.15 BTC

You can buy HLDC MN in our Discord Channel


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Re: [ANN] [POW/POS] [MASTERNODE COIN] ⚡️ Held Coin ⚡️ Scrypt
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blockfinders Pool -

Configure Your Miners

stratum+tcp:// YOUR WALLET -p x

ports vardriff
    Port: 4010, Diff: 4048 Port: 4011, Diff: 8192 Port: 4012, Diff: 824287

Nicehash port - 4012

Happy Mining  :) Payouts are every 10 mins after blocks has been confirmed Min payout - 5
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