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Author Topic: Earning with Trading/Mining Pools  (Read 1208 times)


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Earning with Trading/Mining Pools
« on: May 01, 2014, 04:48:27 AM »

My name is Mason and I am a local representative for Bitcoin Trader.

I have been making money with Bitcoin Trader for a few months now and have been so satisfied that I applied for a rep position. I feel like I HAVE to spread the word about probably the greatest way to profit from the bitcoin market that I've found yet. I'm a full-time student and do not have time to constantly be watching the exchanges all the time to make sure I'm profiting. Bitcoin Trader provides me with daily income easy and it has really helped with my tough financial situation as a student.

They also have a fairly generous affiliate program so I am trying to build my downline and increase my earnings with the ultimate goal of living almost entirely off my daily earnings from Bitcoin Trader. I can show you how to do this too!

Basically, how it works is there are two options of shares to buy.

Trading Shares: These are 20$ a pop and are held for a length of 4 months. Earnings are made Monday to Friday and are posted at the end of each day. I have seen a return of, on average, of about 1% per day but have made up to 1.98% per day to a maximum of 3%. So far I have seen month returns of 25%! Losses are also capped at 3% per day. I have only seen one day where I have had a loss of 0.36% last month when the initial PBOC scare happened. Since then nothing but earnings! By far the best part is that once the 4 months are up YOU GET YOUR INITIAL DEPOSIT BACK!

Mining Shares: These are slightly different from the Trading Shares. They are 100$ a pop and the contract term is 1 year. Earnings are received everyday, 7 days a week for the whole year. BT has increased the amount of GH/s per share to 10 and say that they will continue to increase them to keep the mining pool profitable as difficulty increases etc. An IMPORTANT note is that the initial payment for the shares is not returned to you once the contract expires after 1 year like with the trading pool. I only own one mining share and it has made 11.35% since the 5th of April.

You can withdraw your earnings at anytime in Bitcoin or in USD. There are many withdraw and deposit options to suit you personal situation. There are no fees to withdraw earnings in Bitcoin either!

My personal target is to have around $10,000 worth of shares to provide me with around $100 a day. This will be more than enough for me to live on every week. I can then load my bitcoin debit card weekly with my earnings and use it as my primary source of payment :)

Currently, I have a total of $2080 worth of trading shares making me around 20-25$ a day Monday to Friday and a $100 mining share making me about 40 cents a day, 7 days a week.

Feel free to email me with questions at [email protected] and I am also working on a website at to document my journey as a Bitcoin Trader rep as well as keep updating the progress of my earnings as I make a move to live entirely off my BT earnings. You can also check out my YouTube channel Bitcoin White Rock for how-to videos, progress reports and more as it comes!

Thanks for taking the time to read about this intro to Bitcoin Trader and I hope you consider trying it out for yourself!

Local Representative
Vancouver, BC
[email protected]

Disclaimer: As with all investments there is a certain amount of risk involved. I personally have experienced only two days of loss and it was a very very small percentage compared to the insane gains I have made. Nonetheless, make sure you stay within your means and do your research.

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